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Ultrasound Appointment--hopeful but in u/s limbo

Posted by leigh14 , 15 December 2010 · 1673 views

Today I went for my first ultrasound appointment. I was both excited and stressed about going. One thing that I have learned since receiving the positive result is that the worrying really doesn't end. In fact, I have been stressing a lot about what my pregnancy symptoms (or lack of symptoms, as they are somewhat inconsistent) mean. Part of me wishes I would have had non-stop nausea so that I would at least feel pregnant.

The ultrasound tech. saw me right away and I was thankful not to have to wait. She took a lot of pictures and had me take some deep breaths so that she could see better. Apparently, I have a problem with being gassy!!! There were two sacs visible but she commented that things were a bit behind and that we'd be able to see better at the next ultrasound. It was noticeable even to the naked eye that one sac was definitely smaller than the other.

We met with the doctor who told us that one of the sacs was not viable. There is no placenta etc. so basically it's empty. He said that one of the things that we've learned is that my body is good at holding onto a pregnancy. He said that this sac shouldn't even be there but my body was somehow holding it. He also said to anticipate some spotting over the next two weeks as it will probably be the sac being expelled.

There is one viable pregnancy there but the concern is that it is measuring behind in size. On the plus side, he said that the heartbeat is very strong at 120 beats/minute. I am 7w 1 day pregnant. I asked him how behind it appeared. He said the normal range is around 6w 4 days (given the margin of error for ultrasounds etc.) and mine is 6w 1 day so it is a little behind. Normally I would be going in for an ultrasound in 2 weeks but since the clinic is closed my ultrasound is in 3 weeks. So....unfortunately the appointment didn't alleviate anxiety (although we were very pleased about the heartbeat). The doctor was still very hopeful for us but he acknowledged that I'm at a critical stage in the pregnancy right now so it's hard to know for certain how things will go. He said that if the pregnancy didn't continue it would most likely be because of some sort of genetic abnormality not because my body couldn't sustain it.

So...feeling a bit in limbo right now ladies. Hopeful but also anxious. Anybody have any stories or thoughts to share?


Ugh...so sorry for the limbo!! I know at this early stage measuring 6w1d is like marginally off 6w4d...like we're talking tenths of millimeters here. Any and everything is possible. You will probably bleed to expel the extra sac (sorry!) and hope that this brings you comfort if and when it happens. Is there anyway you can get another u/s somewhere else a week from today? How about even from your family doctor? Limbo is brutal!! Hang tight...so far, so good.
OH...I forgot to mention that its heartbeat is great though...and at this stage that means more than gestational length in my books.
Congrats on a strong heartbeat!
My situation was a little diff as at our first u/s it looked like we had 2 viable embies plus one that was behind. By the second u/s it was clear that 1 of the 2 was struggling (heartbeat was low although growth was not remarkably behind) and the 3rd was gone. By the 3rd u/s we had one, perfect, strong, wonderful embie. She's been perfect, strong, and wonder-full ever since. So things can come right even if they don't look entirely positive at the outset.

Fingers crossed your story has the same happy ending!

PS - I never had any bleeding at that stage and the RE said it's very common for the body just to absorb the non viable embies.
Dec 15 2010 12:17 PM
Hi Leigh, Congrats on seeing one heartbeat! My situation is close to yours. We actually have the same ET day (Nov 14), but mine was a 3 day transfer, not 5. I went in for two ultrasounds already. I also have two sacs, and one of them is 1 week behind. I was 6 weeks and 5 days in my last ultrasound and embryo B measured 6 weeks and 0 days. I was/am also worried about this. But I think as long as it's within the 7 day margin, they consider it normal. It's hard not to worry though, my embryo A looks 3 times bigger than B on ultrasound. I saw how they measure age, I think they drag the mouse across sacs/embryos and measure its size, then the machine computes the age. So this human measurement for size has room for error. And there's nothing they can do at this point, just wait. The waiting is very difficult. My embryo A's heartbeat is 131 and B's heartbeat is 101, which they say is slow. I am hoping it's just because it's a bit behind and it will be ok. In my first ultrasound (at 5 weeks 5 days), B showed an empty sac. And one week later, there's an heartbeat. So I think there's still hope for your other sac. Some are just a bit late. I searched a lot on internet, and there are many stories about women who don't see yolk sac, fetal pole, heartbeats..at various stages and they waited, one week later, everything was there. Many things happen in a week. Can your clinic see you for another ultrasound one week later? 3 weeks is so long to wait. One week is enough see if the embryo is still growing and if there's no growth. I really hope they can see you again sooner. Best of luck!
Dec 15 2010 01:01 PM
I'm sorry your still feeling anxiety but like it was said one small movement of the tech's hand and your measurements are off. I had ultrasounds every 3 weeks until 16 weeks and only 1 was ever the "right" age.
I was always 3-4 days off either way and it turned out to be a healthy pregnancy.
Leigh, I'm keeping you and both of your little beans in my thoughts and prayers :Emoticons09710: The waiting is definitely the worst and I know the extra week will seem like an eternity on top of the two weeks that would have seemed like an eternity to begin with.

On another note - I hope you had a Happy Birthday!
I am so sorry you are in limbo once again...the worrying never stops!!!
I hope your little bean spurts and grows so you can meet it!

Dec 15 2010 01:34 PM
You are totally right, the worrying doesn't end after a positive pregnancy test. Fingers crossed that you have a sticky embryo and that everything turns out okay.
Oh darling, limbo is not a fun place to be. You are in my prayers.

Sending you hugs and good wishes.
I am sorry you are in limbo, but try and stay positive. The same thing happened to me last year and I was told that I would either carry the pregnancy or it would miscarry in the next 10 days, I now have a DS from that pregnancy, I hope your story ends the same as mine!

As for the symptoms part, my first m/c I had morning sickness for the first trimester and when I went in for my 13 week u/s I found out the baby's heart stopped at 7 weeks. There is no true sign to tell you are pregnant, go with your gut.

All the best to you and your baby, may it grow to be a healthy baby being held in your arms.
Dec 15 2010 02:38 PM
Oh Leigh!
So sorry to hear about this confusing news... being in Limbo is brutal!!! Sending you and your bean positive vibes to get through the next few weeks until the u/s tht will reveal some great news!!

Love and hugs,
xo :Emoticons09710:
At my viability scan, my bean was a week behind. I had basically 0 symptoms. Yet, everything turned out fine and I know have my DS. Keep your chin up :Emoticons09710:
Thinking of you and cheering for your little healthy heart beat! :Emoticons09710:
I bled heavily and passed a big clot around 5.5 weeks. Then had an us that showed 2 sacs. We went back a week later and one baby was a lot smaller then the other. The following week we had a great heartbeat for one baby and a low heartbeat for the smaller one. The smaller baby/sac vanished by 11 weeks. Good luck. I hope everything turns out ok for you.
My bean is behind too....they couldn't find a heartbeat and my follow up is tomorrow. I really do feel your pain. I hope for the best for us both.

Dec 16 2010 06:54 AM
Hugs... I think it's a lesson we're all learning, that the worrying doesn't stop after a positive... but to me, it's an opportunity to trust God again every day! I'll be praying for you as I'm also in u/s limbo, altho mine's just waiting to try and GET a first u/s before 20 weeks!
Thanks for your comments and support ladies! It's much appreciated, believe me. I don't think I will try to get an u/s next week because it's the week before Christmas. If it wasn't good news, I think it would be just too hard. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on doing some praying, eating well and sending growing vibes to my baby.

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