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I have these thoughts sometimes...

Posted by leigh14 , 21 December 2012 · 1689 views

DH and I were really lucky to have our beautiful little DD after our third IVF cycle.  It was a cycle that had its share of challenges; we had done extensive immune treatments and then when I started to cycle I found out that I only had an antral follicle of four.  Two eggs were retrieved and both fertilized and initially it appeared that I was pregnant w...


It's been awhile since I blogged...

Posted by leigh14 , 24 September 2012 · 1278 views

So...it's been quite awhile since I blogged and thought I'd sit down and try to compose some thoughts.I'm finding myself in a weird place these days in terms of the whole IVF experience. You'd think that doing everything that we did to have a baby (three cycles, one miscarriage, immune treatments that we traveled to the States and Mexico f...


Me to DH: "Somehow I'm sure that you never guessed you'd be sitting in a Mexican Fertility Clinic"

Posted by leigh14 , 07 October 2011 · 1159 views

I thought I'd take the opportunity to blog while so much of what we have experienced on this journey to have a baby is fresh in my mind. We spent last weekend doing the second (and hopefully last) of our LIT treatments in Mexico. As I said to DH, never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that our quest to have a baby would have resulted in us trav...


Feeling the love...

Posted by leigh14 , 08 September 2011 · 1286 views

I've had a crazy, stressful work week and have simultaneously been planning our upcoming trip to Mexico for our LIT procedure and yet, in the midst of the stress and sometimes wondering if we're crazy I've felt huge support from some special people in my life. For that, I'm hugely grateful. When we found out that it was recommended that we...


"The only way to eat an elephant is bite by bite"--L.P.

Posted by leigh14 , 29 August 2011 · 1398 views

I haven't blogged for awhile and decided that it might help to get some of my thoughts out. Since receiving recommendations for an immune protocol, I have actually been feeling fairly good for the most part. Most days I'm actually quite optimistic and I'm taking the advice of a forum member (The wise Luckypenny) who advised that the only way t...


IVF as an Olympic Sport

Posted by leigh14 , 01 August 2011 · 1102 views

I have come to the conclusion that IF/IVF is truly an Olympic sport requiring the participants to get through many, many hurdles. When DH and I started on this path we stood an excellent chance of success, since our primary reason for doing IVF/ICSI was because DH had had a vasectomy. Everything on my initial testing was perfect. I remember the doctor say...



Posted by leigh14 , 04 May 2011 · 1549 views

:th_aggahhh:  :th_aggahhh: That pretty much sums up how I feel today.  Post-miscarriage I've been doing the best I can, honestly I have. And I have been surrounded by pregnant co-workers (last count 9) so it has been no small feat let me tell you. I have been planning ahead to when I'm going to do my next cycle (most likely summer) and am hoping,...



Posted by leigh14 , 03 February 2011 · 1647 views

Do any of you feel like you're leading double lives?  It suddenly occurred to me that this whole IVF business sometimes feels like I'm in the middle of a James Bond movie except it's not nearly as glamorous! :)  Being in the midst of an IVF cycle or on the cusp  of just starting or just finishing a cycle sometimes feels like a covert opera...


Picking up the pieces

Posted by leigh14 , 09 January 2011 · 1594 views

My mind and body are still processing all that has transpired since my cycle.  In many ways it was the perfect cycle--even for a responder like me who will never yield a large crop of eggs.  I ended up with four mature eggs, all of which fertilized, and two blasts remained by Day 5. In the midst of the cycle, DH's dad died and on the day of the transf...


Ultrasound Appointment--hopeful but in u/s limbo

Posted by leigh14 , 15 December 2010 · 1714 views

Today I went for my first ultrasound appointment.  I was both excited and stressed about going.  One thing that I have learned since receiving the positive result is that the worrying really doesn't end. In fact, I have been stressing a lot about what my pregnancy symptoms (or lack of symptoms, as they are somewhat inconsistent) mean. Part of me wishe...

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