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Worry worry worry!!! Should be my middle name!!

Posted by papoose76 , 06 November 2011 · 1492 views

My first beta was 112 (on 12dp3dt) on November 3rd. I'm getting positive HPT's... I have been spotting here and there. Someone said to me earlier that the worrying will never stop. LOL I figured once I got a BFP, I would stop having worries. Yes, I was naive!!! I had my second beta yesterday and I won't get the results until tomorrow. I am so worried that the number will not be double!! I am having a hard time to even enjoy this or feel like it's real because I don't really have symptoms other than slightly sore breasts and some cramping (actually the cramping really scares me). I am so glad that I took time off work (I teach grade 3). I can't imagine being under stress while teaching at the same time. I hope and pray that my second beta is good. Posted Image

Edited to add: Second beta was 133. Looks like this is not a viable pregnancy...

Hoping your BETA will go way up, Good luck!
Yes you will not stop worrying unfortunately. My stress these days is going back to work. booooo
Good luck FX.
Nov 06 2011 04:04 PM
The worrying gets worse because there's so much more to lose... but at the same time it gets more and more worth it. I hope the beta is good!
I had mild cramping when I was pregnant. They said it was the uterus stretching. Also, spotting could be implantation bleeding. Symptoms are more severe with twins too. Hopefully, this is the case. :)
The worrying never ends! William is 2 today and I still worry about him! It is what makes a good momma :) As hard as it is try to enjoy it without the stress of worrying because you don't want to regret not enjoying it!
I hope you get a beautiful, doubling beta number tomorrow! FX for you!
Nov 06 2011 07:15 PM
Worry is normal, but you can't let it rule you. Wishing pregnant Papoose a nice doubling beta result!
Aww thanks ladies :')
It's true, the warry never stops. I am 25 weeks pregnant with twins. I had to rush to the doc 3 times with bleeding. And not once was it something to do with the babies..... I have decided to give my pregnancy and 2 boys to God to look after them, because I can't handle the stress and if you really think about it, there is nothing you can do. Stay positive and give al your warries to the Lord!!!

Goodluck with the beta, all will be good!!!!
The sore boobs are a good sign and I also had lots of cramping after getting my BFP. Hang in there 'cause my bet is that all will be fine!
I am so sorry about your second beta ! Its such a rollercoaster ride. Stay strong and take care of yourself. Big hugs.

My reproductive history (or lack thereof)

From age 13 to 18 I had one boyfriend who it turned out was unfaithful to me. We never used condoms because I trusted him and I was on birth control. He gave me an STD at age 17 (gonorrhea) and I had no symptoms, so I have no clue how long I had it before I had it treated.

From age 18 (yeah my relationships overlapped because I was "getting even" but fell in love with the guy I cheated with) to age 22 I was with a different guy. We lived together for 3 of those 4 years and ttc with no luck at all.

Age 23 to age 30 I was with my ex-husband. I started seeing my fertility specialist in 2004 (age 28). HSG showed clear tubes. Lap- 2 fibroids removed, some lysis of adhesions. 3 Clomid cycles all BFN. Another HSG showed clear tubes a year later, and another lap after that showed nothing major (exploratory). More clomid cycles, more bfn's. He never wanted to do ART, he called it "playing God". Then he cheated on me and I had to kick the bastard to the curb.

Age 32 (2008) to present, I have been with my second husband. We instantly fell in love and after a couple months of dating, moved in together and started ttc. We "just knew". We started seeing my same fertility specialist and had an HSG which showed one partially blocked tube (non-mechanical blockage). May 2009 I found out I was pregnant!! Very unexpected but very much wanted. Ultrasound at 6 weeks 6 days showed nothing in uterus, pregnancy was ectopic. It was removed at 7 weeks pregnant. Worst emotional pain ever sad.gif HSG 3 months later showed one fully blocked tube, one open. We registered in the IVF program in January 2010, and are just now in the process.

IVF #1
Suprefact: Sept 27-Oct 17
Puregon: Oct 8- Oct 17
ER: Oct 20
ET: 23: 3 eggs retrieved, all intact, 2 fertilized and made it to transfer!
Beta: November 4/10 moved up to Nov.2/10 because I started bleeding heavily and tested negative on a FRER. I am beyond devastated... Beta was less than 1.2 BFN

I am back on the waiting list at my clinic to do another IVF cycle. The wait is 8-9 months, so I won't be cycling until either July or August 2011. In the meantime, I will be trying naturally and giving "Benedryl therapy" a try in case I have implantation issues. Can't hurt.

HSG done March 15/11- Both tubes were clear. Appointment on April 6th, new b/w, pap, and Rx for Femara for May and June cycles.

IVF #2
July 25- first u/s and b/w. Cyst on right ovary & estrogen level high. Injections delayed.
July 28- second u/s and b/w; no change... cycle cancelled th_aggahhh.gif
July 31- October 1st I will be on BCP.
Oct 3- first u/s and E2 b/w- fingers crossed that the cyst will be gone...
Cyst is gone! Started microdose Suprefact (20 units) on October 4th twice a day, and Bravelle (150 iu) & Menopur (75 iu) on October 6th twice a day.
First monitoring appointment on October 12th!! Fingers still crossed!
ER, October 19th: 10 eggs retrieved, 9 fertilized!!
ET, October 22nd: 2 embryos transferred (one was 8 celled, the other a morula)
BFP on early pregnancy test (10miu) on 8dp3dt
Beta: November 3rd!!! Fingers crossed!!! 112!!!!! yahoo.gif
Beta #2: November 5th- 133 sad.png
Beta #3: November 9th- 31... cry.gif Another angel baby in Heaven...

HSG; December/2011- Right tube blocked (hydrosalpinx) at the end where the ovary is. Left tube clear.

FET #1- transferred 3 embryos on March 23rd
BFN on FRER (April 4th)
Beta: April 5th- negative


December, 2012- Husband left me for another woman. TTC has ended for me.cry.gif


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Him: 36 years young wink.gif
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Step-daughter: 12
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