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A new beginning


The shadow of IF

Posted by capo , 13 June 2010 · 1026 views

So... this blog has been sitting inside my head for a few days while I waited for it to pass, but since the rat (the ugly one that never gets off the wheel in my head) will not relent, I am going to put the words out there.I have been thinking a lot about the blog titled 'Echo of infertility' (I think it is Designer Bug's?) because I feel the...


The more the merrier!

Posted by capo , 14 May 2010 · 1159 views

Well, tomorrow is the big day - we will meet Nicholas' biological grandparents!  After much thought, discussion and deliberation, we decided that sooner was better than later and we took the plunge.  I am excited and nervous, but feeling much calmer now that many of the details have been ironed out.  (Truthfully, I could not imagine that poor woma...


Another person put words to my feeling!

Posted by capo , 02 May 2010 · 957 views

I was reading comments on another blog and Bookworm managed to put her finger on exactly what is irking me about this natural surprise.  I keep struggling with this unnamed feeling and it was interfering with my ability to fully enjoy what I was given.  (Please don't think I'm ungrateful, I am just uncomfortable.)When people say 'I told you it...


A 'real' thank you!!

Posted by capo , 21 April 2010 · 972 views

I realized yesterday that it wasn't really accurate to differentiate between my 'real' life and my 'online' life... they blur more and more every day.  DH and I talk about people here just like our friends.  He knows the stories I follow and he watches me laugh and cry over your experiences.I am really glad to have this group of friend...


My mind is blown

Posted by capo , 20 April 2010 · 1802 views

If you are needing an inspiration, read on.  If you are sick of hearing about everyone else's good fortune and having a bad day, believe me I get it.  Don't read on, you'll want to throw darts at my photo.  I kind of want to throw darts at me.  I have turned into that annoying story that everyone passes around.Nicholas came into our lives in J...


Mmmmm! Cake!!

Posted by capo , 05 March 2010 · 767 views

Just thought I'd share these photos of Nicholas' 1st birthday!  He and I will clearly be sharing cake from now on - he loves it, maybe more than I do! : )  We feel so blessed every day!!


Words that touched me

Posted by capo , 23 February 2010 · 708 views

As I was looking for adoption quotes, I found many words that touched me.  Some pertain to adoption and some really touched the part of me that hurt so much because of IF.  Here they are...We go through what we go through to help others go throughwhat we went through.--- UnknownThe world is round, and the place which may seem like the end,may also be the...


Sharing our bliss...

Posted by capo , 13 February 2010 · 852 views

... is not always so blissful!Our home has been a revolving door for the past 3 weeks as our families & friends meet and get to know our little angel.  It is exhausting, but good.  I know everyone wants to enjoy him and they do try to give us some time too.I am, however, struggling with not wanting to leave him with anyone yet.  I don't need a...


Deciding to adopt

Posted by capo , 10 February 2010 · 860 views

I know that we are in this smiley honeymoon phase, but as I share our story, I think it's only fair to share some of the thoughts that went into it.As we've often discussed on this forum, adoption is not for everyone and the adoption course definitely puts all the bad out there.  We often came home from PRIDE having great discussions.  We also had...


Settling in (a Nicholas update)

Posted by capo , 09 February 2010 · 1014 views

So it is finally starting to feel real!  I don't have to sneak in to Nicholas' room at night to make sure he is still there although I do sneak in to watch him sleep.  Babies are so peaceful!  He still wakes up on occasion to be reassured, usually in the early evening, but settles in well after that.We were amazed at how Nicholas seemed to...

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