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Miracles do happen!

Posted by BabyHope2010 , 07 September 2010 · 2210 views

Miracles do happen!I had my follow up u/s this morning and everything looks fine. My baby grew 10.3mm and the heartrate is now 158-164bpm and baby is now measuring on track of 8w3d. A big thank you to all the amazing woman on this site who gave me hope and positive thoughts through a really hard time. You all know the right words to say and with your...


My thoughts.

Posted by BabyHope2010 , 07 July 2010 · 1027 views

Wow, going through infertility sure makes you think about everything in life. It makes you re evaluate your life's path, your work, your marriage and how you live your life in general. Life: I want more!  I want more then working during the day, coming home having supper and then walking the dogs, then maybe putting the teley on, maybe some readin...


Not feeling strong enough

Posted by BabyHope2010 , 31 May 2010 · 1466 views

I am currently on the waiting list for FET and as I sit in front of my computer at work, I am contemplating my next steps. Do I accept treatment if they offer it to me next week? Or do I decline to allow myself a little extra time to work on me? I had put on some weight since our first consult with the clinic, and even more during my cycle so I don't...


I have been kicked in the face!

Posted by BabyHope2010 , 04 May 2010 · 2130 views

Our Fresh IVF cycle was not successful, I did a beta on Tuesday and Friday and both were negative. I just got my results back yesterday, and I felt depressed and disappointed that it didn't work for us. My first beta was done on Tuesday and I got the results on Wednesday, when the results came back negative I had sent an email to my 3 sisters and my m...


8dp5dt and still negative on HPT

Posted by BabyHope2010 , 25 April 2010 · 8394 views

I don't know why I did it, I guess after 3 years of trying to conceive I thought forsure I would see that double line for the first time. I tested Friday night, Saturday and Sunday which is 8dp5dt and still a negative. I could have sworn I saw a very faint second line. I did 4 tests today, and all negative. I feel like I have gone totally crazy. I hav...


Already protective over my embies...

Posted by BabyHope2010 , 16 April 2010 · 828 views

So tentitively my ET is for tomorrow at 12:30pm, thank goodness because I am getting anxious. I ended up with 8 high quality embryos, 4 were frozen on day 3 and they are attempting to take the other 4 to day 5 (which is tomorrow). I was so nervous waiting for my call this morning, normally they call just before 8am, but this morning they kept me hanging....


Day before ER

Posted by BabyHope2010 , 11 April 2010 · 1418 views

Here I am the day before ER, nothing to snort up my nose or inject into my belly. I still can't believe I have made it this far in the cycle. I must admit that I had almost changed my mind about cycling about 4-5 times throughout this process, but now that I have at least 10 follies growing there is no turning back now. My ER is scheduled for Monday a...


Day 2 of injections and proud to say I did it myself!

Posted by BabyHope2010 , 30 March 2010 · 987 views

For anyone who is interested here is my latest update: I started Suprefact spray 5 times a day on March 16th. I went for my baseline ultrasound yesterday morning and had to start my injections last night. I wasn't planning on starting them until March 30th, but the holiday on Friday changed them by a day. I had 3 choices, drive down to Calgary for Fri...



Posted by BabyHope2010 , 11 March 2010 · 1069 views

:Emoticons01015: Today is the day I call my payment in for IVF/ICSI treatment and I have a feeling of nervousness and excitement. I am excited to finally get moving on with our treatment but nervous about what lies ahead. I am trying to take it one step at a time and trying not to jump ahead about all the what ifs. When I got my package in the mail I felt...


OMG - got the Call!

Posted by BabyHope2010 , 03 March 2010 · 1238 views

:th_acheerlead: I am so excited that I got the call today to start treatment. I knew if I was to get the call that I would have heard from them either yesterday or today. I had phoned home so many times yesterday and today to see if there were any messages and SURPRISE... after about the 5th check there was a call from the Foothills. We were offered treat...

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