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Onwards to 2011...

Posted by joyfulintent , 24 December 2010 · 815 views

Well, things are just not going according to plan! I really have to laugh at the number of things that have conspired to undermine my ferocious need to plan.

We had our office hysteroscopy in October and there was a suggestion that perhaps there was a bit of a fibroid septum. Hard to tell for sure, could just have been the limitations of the office procedure so the recommendation was a surgical hysteroscopy. We debated for a while, weighing up the relative benefits of resolving the doubts re the uterus vs striking now before the eggs get any older. In the end a business trip prevented me from cycling before Christmas anyway so we decided to do the procedure in January and then cycle after that. Of course I fully expect that the procedure will end up being in February instead of January and that will likely push the next cycle into April. In the meantime we had the bloodwork done again to discover some great results and remarkably no change in 2 years which offers some hope another chance may still be worthwhile although I will by April be the pushing-the-envelope age of 43!!

So right now we are doing all we can to be healthy, DH even managing to do the vitamins this time and I'm at the gym daily and eating well which has helped to lose another 5 lb. If all goes according to plan (insert chuckle here) I should be down 30 lb by the end of the year and the final 10 should come from the traditional New Year diet and detox. And we're trying to see the upside of not cycling - in some sense it is a welcome reprieve from the crazy-train stress. Work has been a welcome oasis of calm and fun recently and 2011 looks to be more of the same. It is nice to immerse myself in that other part of life where I feel a bit more in control of my success (doubtless another illusion, of course)!

But most of all we are grateful that this Christmas we aren't where we were a year ago. A year ago a routine checkup had turned into a hospital admission, emergency cerclage, bedrest and loss. Skipping Christmas last year was the least of it of course, but it does mean that this year we are profoundly grateful to be in our lovely house, surrounded by decorations and waiting to welcome family for celebrations. We have been totally unembarrassed about telling everyone we are expecting this year to be completely drama-free.

I've been quiet on the boards lately, more lurking than posting, still very much connected to this community but not finding I have much of a voice right now. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll find it again soon.

In the meantime I wish all of you well - with a special shout out to my friends who have recently welcomed their little ones and to those who are enjoying some success in their cycling at long last. I'm so thrilled for your joy! And to those of us still in the trenches - bon courage! 2011 will be our year, I'm sure of it and I look forward to cheering you on to success.


Dec 24 2010 11:47 AM
So nice to hear from you Joyfulintent!!! Wishing you all the best in 2011!!! :)

Love and hugs,
Dec 24 2010 11:49 AM
Wishing your dreams come true soon. Looks like we'll be operative hyseroscopy pals soon.
Nice to hear you're doing well! Wishing you an excellent Christmas!
Dec 24 2010 09:22 PM
Schedules have a funny way of working on their own. I swear, while we were in the throws of trying, NOTHING ever went to plan and timing of anything seemed like a cruel joke.

Glad to hear you're taking everything in stride and optimistic for 2011. Wishing you much peace and balance in the new year.


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