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Chemistry lesson

Posted by joyfulintent , 16 October 2010 · 1210 views

Just a quick update blog for those who might not have seen my status update Thursday - unfortunately after my glorious pre-wedding BFP the 2nd Beta showed it was a chemical pregnancy.

Very sad and I'm still a little bit numb with the disappointment. I remember reading a story once where a man was kicked in the balls and the writer wrote he quietly curled up in a ball and waited for that part of his life to be over. Sort of what I feel like!

But we do have a plan for next steps - an office hysteroscopy later this month and then another fresh cycle in November, the timing of which I think will work out before Genesis Christmas closure (BTW, does anyone happen to know the dates?)

And I think we will also start the research on a donor egg cycle so that we have more options if this next cycle isn't the lucky one. We have no doubt we would do DE, the only question is when we would move to it. I know there are some great thoughts on that in the forums here, so will investigate.

I'm very grateful for all your support - and just as determined as ever to be successful! But I think a weekend of indulging ourselves as newlyweds and not as a couple TTC is what we need before we reboard the crazy train.


Oct 16 2010 12:51 PM
Sounds like you have a great game plan. I always found that helped with my failed cycles-having a plan B & C. Leaving TTC behind for a bit to enjoy being newlyweds sounds like a wonderful idea!

HIW :th_acheerlead:

Sorry for your loss. It sounds like the plans you have in place for moving forward are very proactive.

Congratutions on your wedding. Take some time to enjoy each other and being newly weds :th_acheerlead:
I admire your tenacity, congrats of your wedding and enjoy your newlywed phase!
I am sorry that your pregnancy was chemical. I know what it is like to have a BFP and then have it taken away from you. What a great attitude you have going forward! Congratulations on your wedding, I hope it was the day of your dreams! Best of luck to you in November!
Oct 16 2010 02:09 PM
You are one tough cookie! Wishing you all the best with whatever the next part of the journey includes.
Oct 16 2010 02:24 PM
I am so sorry for you loss joyfulintent.
I'm so sorry, good luck on this next cycle and whatever steps you take :th_acheerlead:
We're kind of in the same boat, I gotta say. I'd love to cycle again in November but part of me thinks I should really take some time off. We'll see! And we're also looking into surrogacy and and DE cycle. Maybe I'll run into you on those forums :th_acheerlead:
Dear Joyful

I am really sorry this cycle didn't work out for you - but your determination and focus I feel sure will bring you the reward you desire. It is great you are acknowledging your need to grieve, but that your eye is still on the baby prize and what you need to do to bring baby to you.

Again, I am sorry. Big hug, Joyful. You are a strong and wonderful woman.

x Edie
Boo, that's crappy :th_acheerlead: I'm glad you have plans though and are taking some time to enjoy married life. My Dh and I took about 8 months together after finding out we couldn't conceive and just did normal life things. I'm really glad I did it and got to enjoy being a two. Congratulations on your marriage :th_acheerlead: And good luck on your journey.
joyful, I'm so very heartbroken for you. So sorry to hear it didn't work out. Chemicals just seem like nature's cruel joke, getting your hopes up with beta 1 only to have them crashing down hard with beta 2.

Re: Genesis Christmas closure: they close between Dec 24 to after New Years; they should re-open Monday, Jan 3 this year by my estimates. But they do stop cycling patients earlier in Dec so they don't have any ERs and ETs fall during the close dates; I had an appt there last year in the final open days of Dec., and it was very quiet.

I know you are in good hands with Genesis. You mentioned at your last WTF appt that your RE felt that you were doing great, and those guys don't hand out false hopes - sounds like they think they can make this happen!

Again, so sorry, joyful. Keep strong! :th_acheerlead:

Good Fortune
Oct 16 2010 04:34 PM
I am sorry I hadn't realised. Crap.
Gah! I really bloody sorry.

Sounds like you have a great game plan. I always found that helped with my failed cycles-having a plan B & C. Leaving TTC behind for a bit to enjoy being newlyweds sounds like a wonderful idea!

HIW :th_acheerlead:

Hw made some good points that it's good to have plans. It's also a great idea to take "breaks" along this journey to keep you sanity in check and to also remember that life is about other things too! Good luck and enjoy bine the hiatis
Welcome aboard the train if and when you are ready to pursue DE.
so sorry.....we are currently researching lisa says...jump on board when you are ready.

Being a newlywed myself (Aug 28) and suffering a loss 4 days after our wedding...though not quite the same as it was a custody battle loss for my DH's two boys that had been living with us for 9 months and now they're in Ontario...I can sympathize with the mixed emotions. My DH and I made a commitment to each other on the day of our big loss that we would spend the next month AT LEAST, ONLY focusing on our new marriage and was and still is fantastic. Go on dates, enjoy your time together, re-explore your desire for each will help with the hard times.
I had no idea, until just now about the 2nd beta :th_aggahhh:

I am so so sorry...this totally sux.

I like Moniques post & advise, and I hope you & DH have found comfort in one another through this tough time.

It sounds like you have made some great plans and you are moving right on ahead, good for you!

Congrats on your wedding by the way! :th_awhopedo:

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