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So, that happened



Posted by joyfulintent , 17 April 2010 · 634 views

So, a BFN from our first FET.  Sigh.  But it was expected since I had POAS so at least it wasn't a surprise.  What a horrible job the nurses have when they have to deliver the news.And looking on the bright side, if you have to get a BFN getting it on a Friday so you can go out and have a big date night with DH and rediscover the joy of cocktails is n...


You know you're crazy when.....

Posted by joyfulintent , 08 April 2010 · 646 views

You are at work, in the bathroom, in a stall, scrutinizing a piece of toilet paper with the laser focus of a crime scene investigator.  Is there a coloured tinge to the TP?  Not pink, that's good, but could it be peachy?  You hold it up to the light.  Hmmm.  Anything?  Not sure.  Don't think it's peachy but is it pale yellow or is it clear?  W...


An eventful few days

Posted by joyfulintent , 02 April 2010 · 553 views

Embryo Transfer was yesterday and the transfer itself went very well, though I was sad that only 1 of our 3 frosties survived the thaw.  Still, it's a bonus to have any at all and I found the frozen cycle way easier than the fresh one.But even in a frozen cycle the drugs and anxiety still have a pretty impressive effect on my mood - I managed to pick...


April Fool

Posted by joyfulintent , 29 March 2010 · 554 views

That would be me - we're scheduled for our frozen transfer on Thursday.  The lining plumped up a bit for last Friday's check so it was on to the prometrium on Sunday and just a few days to go now.  Feeling pretty good about it but that could also be the prospect of 4 days off work!  I'm especially loving my bracelet and the sense of commun...


Lining check tomorrow

Posted by joyfulintent , 21 March 2010 · 435 views

So far this FET cycle has been super easy, but the real test will be tomorrow when we see how my lining has responded to the drugs.  One quite amusing aspect is that this time the drugs are covered by my insurance plan I guess because they are also used for menopause treatment and of course that is perfectly AOK unlike IF treatment. Call me blinkered but...


Irritating ad

Posted by joyfulintent , 14 March 2010 · 712 views

There is a particular commercial that makes me want to scream every time it comes on:   I am an intolerant old bag, and of course the company has every right to market it's product and I'm even sure that it's a technological breakthrough and a god send for some.....but there's just somethin...


Low today

Posted by joyfulintent , 27 February 2010 · 552 views

February will soon be over.  January was a horrible month, February has been a month of recovery, March is to be a month of fresh starts with our FET cycle.  I should be feeling good.  DH and I are closer than ever, I've been exercising daily and loving the endorphins and spring is just around the corner.  But right now I feel low.  Sad that the Olymp...


Fear and victory

Posted by joyfulintent , 16 February 2010 · 518 views

Today was my first day back at work and I must say I work with a lovely bunch of people.  They were all so kind, very glad to see me and so many popped in to say hello, ask how I was how and express their sympathy.   Which was the point at which my tears welled up - every time! (I knew I should have taken kleenex...)  But I guess that was to be expect...


Ancient wisdom

Posted by joyfulintent , 24 January 2010 · 427 views

I've been thinking a lot lately about the impact our thoughts can have on our lives for good or ill.  And also that our lives are the distillation of our experiences and our reactions to those experiences.  And then I came across this quote from the Upanishads that sums it up much better than I ever could:Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch...



Posted by joyfulintent , 20 January 2010 · 546 views

The last couple of days were terrible, but today was quite good.  There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to what prompts a bad day.  But there is definitely a common theme to the days that turn out to be good ones - it's when I sort of ignore how I'm feeling for a bit and just get on with working through the things on my to do list.  Ra...

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