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So, that happened


a happy ending

Posted by joyfulintent , 17 November 2012 · 2092 views

After an exhausting 4 years, a happy ending for our story with one perfect baby girl born 8 November - she makes it all worthwhile ...and in the endthe love you takeis equal to the love you make....


Mitigated joy

Posted by joyfulintent , 05 April 2012 · 2848 views

Monday we had our viability ultrasound and everything was just fine - so we're starting to relax and begin to believe this is really happening.This has been the oddest cycle we've done. A donor cycle that has brought me face to face with a lot of unexpected feelings and strange realities.I've done online dating and I've done online donor c...



Posted by joyfulintent , 28 September 2011 · 1125 views

Well, I am feeling remarkably good. Troubling to yet again visit BC Womens and still have no chance of leaving with a baby.  And I'd be lying if I said today was not a tough experience.  But, again, the nurses were amazing and the whole setup was planned to make it as bearable as possible.  I felt so sorry for everyone else there today, some clearly going...


another fine mess

Posted by joyfulintent , 22 September 2011 · 1810 views

Well, it is starting to become a little ridiculous the many different ways in which DH and I are getting to experience miscarriage. Today we had the viability ultrasound and discovered an embryo measuring 6 weeks (should have been 7w1d) with the merest flicker of a heartbeat (couldn't be measured).  So that confirms no hope but of course cruelly falls jus...


Spinning wheels

Posted by joyfulintent , 18 September 2011 · 1377 views

Since my 2nd Beta wasn't quite as high as it should have been (doubling every 51 hrs and not over 1000 by 22 days post retrieval) we needed to do a 3rd Beta.  Last week I had an unmissable business trip to Europe so couldn't do it before yesterday.  Sadly the result was not good - 2903 which sounds like a nice high number but it should have been 1...



Posted by joyfulintent , 05 September 2011 · 1554 views

So far, this attempt #3 has been the oddest of the lot.  A combination of choosing low-key and being forced into acceptance that we aren't in control has worked out pretty well!It began with trying to combine a summer consult with our vacation plans and those of our RE.  They pulled out all the stops to fit us in before our big vacation, and we li...


boring entry, I'm afraid

Posted by joyfulintent , 15 March 2011 · 920 views

Well, we had our laproscopy/hysteroscopy today and it went smoothly.  Minimal incision (belly button only) hardly any pain and they did find and resect 1cm of uterine septum.  So that's good because otherwise I would have been kicking myself about delaying the next cycle for this procedure.  My ovaries looked small and quiet according to the OB which...


Onwards to 2011...

Posted by joyfulintent , 24 December 2010 · 896 views

Well, things are just not going according to plan!  I really have to laugh at the number of things that have conspired to undermine my ferocious need to plan.We had our office hysteroscopy in October and there was a suggestion that perhaps there was a bit of a fibroid septum.  Hard to tell for sure, could just have been the limitations of the office p...


Chemistry lesson

Posted by joyfulintent , 16 October 2010 · 1369 views

Just a quick update blog for those who might not have seen my status update Thursday - unfortunately after my glorious pre-wedding BFP the 2nd Beta showed it was a chemical pregnancy.Very sad and I'm still a little bit numb with the disappointment.  I remember reading a story once where a man was kicked in the balls and the writer wrote he quietly cur...

Photo what?

Posted by joyfulintent , 08 October 2010 · 2269 views

So, Beta today - I just went to the clinic and of course because I have the day off there was no queue - unlike all the other times I've been when I wait for 45min to an hour!  This morning I had a total existential crisis - to POAS or not to POAS.  I literally lay in bed for 45 min debating until my bladder would stand it no more.  I just didn...

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