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From: Pregnant / Motherhood STATUS BAR Thread

Posted by gr8girrl , 06 February 2011 · 2078 views

Hey all, it's been a few months since I've been on this site. My little miracle has been keeping me busy. Congrats to all the ladies who have successfully conceived recently and hang in there to the ladies that are still holding on to hope that they will be a mommy one day (or again). PG and the first few months after birth are not easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Violet turns 6 months this week. Here is a pic of her getting her first bits of solid food. Yum!http://i200.photobuc...nn/102_0395.jpg I crocheted this poncho for my peanut. Source: Pregnant / Motherhood STATUS BAR Thread


Birth Announcement

Posted by gr8girrl , 13 August 2010 · 1525 views

My little Violet Ann decided to show up early on Monday evening. YEAH! It's a GIRL!!!We just got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. I was at home on Monday and went to the washroom around 5 pm to discover I started bleeding terribly (like so much that a pad would be completely soaked in about 5 seconds). I ran and grabbed the...


Pregnancy Update

Posted by gr8girrl , 09 August 2010 · 921 views

Well, I haven't blogged in quite a while but I thought I'd give a bit of an update...I'm in my 36th week right now and feeling panicky, happy, slow, fed up, anxious all in one. It's really hard to believe and when I finally feel my brain connect the fact that I'm going to be delivering this little one by c-section in 18 days, I start t...


The Wealth Advantage...

Posted by gr8girrl , 17 June 2010 · 1845 views

Over 8 years ago I realized, with my ex-husband, that making a baby wasn't going to be easy. We tried for at least two years before I saw a fertility specialist. I had all the standard tests, including the no-so-fun HSG in a horrible downtown lab, I endured awful examinations and was even molested by my RE at the time, who will remain nameless, (since...


What are you grateful for today? Pls comment....

Posted by gr8girrl , 15 June 2010 · 1405 views

Other than anything baby or IVF related, what are you grateful for today?I'm going to say... my DH. Today we celebrate our first anniversary. I've had some horrible past relationships and I am just so incredibly happy to find a person who loves an adores me and always wants the best for us.


Why I'm staying too...

Posted by gr8girrl , 12 June 2010 · 659 views

I'm going to blog this because I want to encourage those that are thinking of leaving.. however you feel about the discussion over the last few days.. that you should stay.1. There is a place here for you ... Rick started this site and he's made it clear that we are all welcome.2. Even if you didn't agree with where I've stood, you're...


Cheesy IF jokes..

Posted by gr8girrl , 10 June 2010 · 2540 views

These jokes may not be funny to some and they are not politically correct.If you're not in the mood please don't read . . . No offense is intended.Cheesy stupid jokes make me laugh...How does an RE like his eggs?Over 20mm!Why did the RE cross the road?Because there was an affluent, infertile woman in her 30s on the other side.One ovary says to...


Warning: non-controversial blog...

Posted by gr8girrl , 10 June 2010 · 1898 views

OK, so time to move on to good mood topics...I found a hilarous t-shirt site covering topics such as IF and PG... I couldn't change my status update for some reason so I'm posting it here. Enjoy!


Blog suggestion...

Posted by gr8girrl , 09 June 2010 · 1551 views

Just like the main forums, I think needs to find a way to create at least 2 blogging sections... one for those not PG yet with IF and those that have been successful with IF treatments.Just as those that are struggling would like compassion and sensitivity in their journey, those that got PG know that the journey didn't end when they saw two bl...


POLL RESULTS: Should pregnant women post on

Posted by gr8girrl , 14 May 2010 · 543 views

Thanks for participating... I'll summarize the results. The question was... Should pregnant women continue to post freely on top response (86% of voters) was:Yes, they are also experiencing emotional and physical issues and this is a place to support them. Those struggling may have issues but that shouldn't prevent pregnant women from p...

A little history

Me 36, DH 35
Unexplained plus male factor
TTC - on and off for 8 years, no kiddies to date

2002 - Laproscopy, big cyst, no endo but strange how ovaries were stuck to pelvic wall. First RE molested me. ARG.

Divorced ***** husband, mom died, and had thyroid removed somewhere in middle of that. Bad year.

Remarried nice guy in 2009. Yeah!

Early 2009 - Tried Clomid with no luck for 6 months

Nov 2009 - trying first round of IVF with ICSI, biopsy done, opting to skip IUIs due to low percentage chance, motility issues, maternal age

Jan 4 - First Beta BFP!!
Jan 6 - Second Beta - Doubling normally
Jan 31 - First U/S - ONE healthy bean 156bpm
Sept 11 '10 - Baby Due
7 pm 8/9/10 - Little Violet Ann arrived, 5lbs 9 oz @ 35weeks

"Only slutty girls get knocked up on their first try"

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