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Need a break

Posted by vstad , 14 January 2013 · 1465 views

We all wait for the day to hear"it's positive" the tears of joy,your miracle. Little do you know the stress or worry that follows. For us we've realized the challenges never end. Our first trimester was good not saying we weren't scared or extra careful but we made it with a cpl hick ups.Second trimester,baby looks good however I was diagnosed with cholestasis and told we'll deliver at 37 weeks and started medication to avoid complications. Third trimester well that's another story all together I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with some high numbers all together and insulin started. Last week I was admitted to hospital with high BP and told our goal is to get to 32 weeks now and put on bed rest with nurses visiting me at home monitoring myself and baby V 3x a week + doctor visits along with ultrasounds weekly. Am I feeling overwhelmed hell ya I am. Doc say every time I see her I get another x,g thanks. I have dreamed my whole life for this pregnancy and here I am back in those shoes where I have absolutey no control over my body once again. Fertility or pregnancy feeling helpless once again. I realize I've been blessed an we're 30 weeks now so the baby's chances are good ,hard not to worry. I've never prayed like I do now.

Thinking of you :)

Sending hugs! 

nervus optimist
Jan 14 2013 06:29 PM

thinking of you and hoping you catch a break!

hang in there


Jan 14 2013 06:31 PM
Praying with/for you!

((You)), fingers crossed for better, brighter days ahead.

Big hugs! I'll keep my fingers crosses for you!

Thinking of you. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. :)

Thinking of you and saying a prayer.
Jan 14 2013 11:44 PM

Hugs and prayers, vstad. I realized that with my one and only pregnancy that ended in m/c, that the worrying of the "next step" never ends. Hang in there, girl. You've come this far and you can keep doing it. 

Thank you my friends.

HUGS Vstad.

Jan 15 2013 08:29 AM

My first pregnancy was very much the same. It seemed every week there was a new diagnoses, new risks and new challenges. It was hard not to get angry and bitter and how I was once again being abandoned by my body. Despite the odds, we made it to 37 weeks with some effort and patience.


My subsequent pregnancies have also given us our fair share of challenges. Regardless of how hard or how long the road, once you get to that end line where you're sitting in your living room holding your angel and they look at you, everything that came before it no longer matters.


Best of luck to you and here's hoping you make it as far as possible to get you that baby home safe and sound.



Sending you many positive thoughts over the next few weeks! Big hugs

Thinking of you and sending all my positive vibes to you!!!


You've come this far vstad - the end is in sight! Keep your chin up as much as you can and know that we are all here rooting for you and baby V.
Jan 15 2013 10:02 PM

((HUGS)) you are darn right that you need a break!  I am so sorry to hear about all of your troubles.  Hang in just a while longer still and trust me the end result will totally be worth all of the hell that you have been going through and it will all become a distant memory.  For now it is totally crummy, but you are almost there.


Looking forward to the arrival of baby vstad.


Love and hugs,



Sending good vibes for you and baby v!

You have been through and continue to go through more than a lot of women could imagine.  You are a great mom already, and I am wishing you all the best!  

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