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Anyone do clomid iui then superovulation iui?

Posted by whattodo , 07 October 2010 · 1673 views

I didn't know where to post this question so I thought I'd just put it here on my blog, then it's easy for me to find again afterwards lol. In the past I did 3 iui's using clomid with no success. Approx 4yrs later (this past June) we attempted to do ivf but had to convert to iui because egg retreival was too risky as my ovaries/follicles could not be clearly seen by u/s. Thinking that we would be doing ivf, I followed the same medication protocol as for ivf. They called it superovulation iui. I did get pregnant but sadly the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. So, I am still a little confused. I wonder if I tried iui with clomid again could I possibly get pregnant? Is the success rate better with superov than just clomid? I would do superovulation again but now we have no coverage for the meds as my husband lost his job. Eventually we should get health benefits/drug coverage but it'll be awhile and I don't know how much coverage it will be. Plus, going to edmonton for the iui would be much easier than heading back to calgary. Also, I am already 37 and time isn't on my side. So I was just wondering if anyone has experience or insight on this. I asked this in the RE section quite some time ago but it didn't get posted. Thanks so much! Hope I make sense-I am overtired and have a headache so getting my thoughts down right now seems like a daunting task.

I have no clue , but wanted to wish you luck. Also now you can do IVF (including ISCI) in Edmonton too, you do not need to travel to Calgary for it
Good luck! If you're waiting to do IVF due to funding, go for it with Clomid (or femara if your dr's up for it- less side effects, generally same result.) I tried 3 clomid, a few femara, and 2 superovulations, none of which worked, but I have PCOS. We did IUI's with a few of them, but no count issues.
Oct 08 2010 02:37 PM
No personal experience but I have a friend in Edmonton who is the same age as you and because of the age factor she was recommended to jump right into superovulation with injectables. She got pregnant her first try and has a 15 month old son. She did the superovulation for her second child and got pregnant on her first try again. Her clinic is Edmonton and there is a drug that she was able to take instead of Gonal F which was way cheaper, I forget the name of it though.

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