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So very Sad (Caution: Extremely Sensitive Subject!)

Posted by whattodo , 01 December 2011 · 1039 views

I am so very sad. My sister's FET did not work. No baby soon for her. I still really appreciate your prayers.The other thing that is on my mind and upsetting me is that a newborn baby was found in our local landfill. The garbage dump is only 10 minutes away from my home. My heart is so heavy and sad. All of us on here would give anything to have a bab...


Quick update

Posted by whattodo , 26 November 2011 · 935 views

Had another lovely HSG done on Thurs. Nov 24th/11. To my huge surprise it wasn't that bad at all!!! Both tubes are open and everything looks great! I am so happy because my last HSG was excruciating and both tubes were closed (or possibly spasming). It's a huge relief for me. Now onto doing the rest of the bloodwork and meet with o...


Asking for Prayers for my Sister (skip over if you don't believe in Prayer)

Posted by whattodo , 15 November 2011 · 1546 views

My sister does not use this site but I've mentioned her here several times. She has been through alot with infertility too. She has had several ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages and an incompitant cervix in which she lost her son at 23w 4 days. God Bless her today as she had an FET at 2pm. This is her last frozen embryo.  I am praying this is the one...


He said "YES"!

Posted by whattodo , 01 September 2011 · 914 views

Well, my husband and I had "the talk" again last night. I told him I want to try IUI with injectables again and he AGREED to it! It hasn't been an easy discussion to have since our miscarriage and all the heartache we had. I am happy that we are both ready to try again. :th_acheerlead: I am scared and excited. Now back on the rollercoaster...


Here I am once again

Posted by whattodo , 04 August 2011 · 1134 views

It's been awhile since I've blogged. I needed to let my heart heal after so much sadness and disappointment. It's been just over a year since the miscarriage. I've tried to close this entire chapter of my life but I'm struggling so much. I am enjoying my 2 beautiful children that came into our lives through adoption. Still, my heart ac...


Anyone do clomid iui then superovulation iui?

Posted by whattodo , 07 October 2010 · 1666 views

I didn't know where to post this question so I thought I'd just put it here on my blog, then it's easy for me to find again afterwards lol. In the past I did 3 iui's using clomid with no success. Approx 4yrs later (this past June) we attempted to do ivf but had to convert to iui because egg retreival was too risky as my ovaries/follicles c...


It didn't hurt to hope.

Posted by whattodo , 20 August 2010 · 1145 views

This road sure has been long. I know for sure now that there will be no baby around March 24th/11. My beta is now going down. It is 189. It will always be a mystery to me on why my beta was rising small amounts for a few weeks after my miscarriage. I should be 9 weeks along today:( I finally got to see my Dr. today about this past mondays u/s and bloodwor...


Still hanging on.

Posted by whattodo , 11 August 2010 · 1258 views

I had repeat b/w on Monday Aug9th and my beta has went up from 225 to 253. It's not doubling but it is increasing. I am still waiting this out. I have no pain and/or bleeding. I know that I might be facing an ectopic or undeveloping embryo but I am not doing anything for now and waiting it out. I know that if I have any pain at all I have to go straig...


Can a miracle happen?

Posted by whattodo , 06 August 2010 · 1077 views

I don't know where to begin. Some of you may remember me and my situation. Well, it's not over yet and it's been very stressful to say the least. I had bad cramping/bleeding around july 23-26th and pretty sure I miscarried. Had b/w and u/s 26 July and nothing could be seen in the uterus. I was only 5 1/2 weeks. Beta was 178. Then went down to...


My heart keeps hoping for a miracle

Posted by whattodo , 31 July 2010 · 758 views

I keep dwelling on the hopes of my beta miraculously doubling and tripelling despite the dr. telling me I miscarried.  I find it so cruel that I had a beta on thursday and my dr. didnt let me know what it was on friday before this long weekend. I keep thinking that I'm still pregnant and when I finally get to hear the beta on tues or wed of this comin...

All About Me

I'm 38, DH 32
Married 10 years,
After Testicular Biopsy testing for husband figured out very low count/mobility
TTC using 3 donor IUI's in 2006 Not sucessful, treated in Saskatchewan
Adopted our SON born Sept/07!!! Our little Prince.
Adopted our DAUGHTER born Jan 7/09!!! Our little Princess.
Who knew we'd have children 15 mths apart?! Grateful to have both of them in our lives.
Info session attended in Calgary Nov/09
Decided to persue IVF (with ICSI). Hopeful to start in April/May 2010. We're excited and scared. Decided to start blogging our journey.
One of the most valuable quotes I've ever heard to deal with heartache and to remember: It's ok to cry- "Tears are the safetly valve of the heart when there is too much pressure on it"
Had the horrifying HSG repeated again Mar 17/10-it hurt like hell and I sure didn't have "the luck of the Irish" today. lol.
Hopeful to accept/be offered treatment in May/June 2010 and get this process going. Scared and Excited.
May 20th/10 Got the call! Super excited, nervous and scared!Take it one day at a time.
Tentative Schedule : Start Suprefact nasal May 30th, Ultrasound June 14th, Start Stims June 15th, ER June 28th, ET July 3rd.
May 26th/10 Made payment to the clinic-no turning back now lol.
Ivf wasn't an option afterall-egg retreival too dangerous to attempt-organs in the way. Strange?
Converted to IUI-Became PREGNANT but sadly, ended in miscarriage.

Following up with Edmonton Clinic (Dr. Motan) Oct 26th/11. Hope to try superov iui in the near future.

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