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Is it too early to 'nest'??!!

Posted by MamaHugs , 12 July 2010 · 716 views

I'm 32 weeks pregnant today. This weekend I have managed to accomplish a few things. I've wanted to start these things awhile ago but just suddenly felt the urge to do them this weekend. I've:- changed the furniture around in the kids' rooms and have the new nursery partially set up- gone through all DD's old clothes and sorted it by m...


How do you divide your time and love amongst more than one child?

Posted by MamaHugs , 14 June 2010 · 737 views

Now that I am getting closer to having my second child, I often wonder if DH and I decided to have our kids too close in age.  We wanted to do a FET sooner than later incase it took a few cycles to work.  Fortunately, we were lucky enough to be successful right away.  I am not regretting doing the procedure at all, but wonder how it will affect my Ďbabyí...


Why does hearing pregnancy announcements still bother me?

Posted by MamaHugs , 28 May 2010 · 919 views

I found out last night that my sister-in-law 'might' be pregnant.  I heard from another sister-in-law but was told to keep it hush hush as she is only about 6 weeks along.  I also found out that there were a couple miscarriages before this pregnancy so there is still a possibility of another, although she is being watched very carefully.  I want t...


The things people say to a pregnant woman

Posted by MamaHugs , 19 May 2010 · 726 views

Since being at work this morning, I've heard all of the following:"Oh, are you having twins?  You look big today.""Are you trying to be the next Duggar Family by having your kids so close in age?""Your ears are starting to look a little pointy a bunny.  You guys must like to hump like bunnies." and the best one"Mayb...


Back to work - and not so blue!

Posted by MamaHugs , 10 February 2010 · 548 views

As much as I dreaded coming back to work, it actually hasnít been too bad.  Itís taken some getting used to and my weekdays are super busy, but all in all things have gone well.  It feels like Iíve never left.  Things are a lot slower due to the economy, but for the most part everything else is the same.  Now with this being said, I am still looking forwa...


Back to work Blues

Posted by MamaHugs , 11 January 2010 · 401 views

I thought dealing with infertility would be the hardest thing I ever had to do.  Although it was very difficult, I have been blessed and now find I have harder things to deal with.  Leaving my child with someone else while I go to work all day tops that list.  I am due back to work in three weeks.  Where or where has the past year gone?  Every time I thin...


BFP for me!!!

Posted by MamaHugs , 06 January 2010 · 1158 views

Well it's official.  I finally got the results from my clinic today and they confirmed my  BFP!!!With having some spotting during the 2ww and not having beta numbers to see how strong the pregnancy is right now, all I can wait for is my first ultrasound.  It is booked for Jan 25th.  I can't wait to see my lil bean!This all seems so...


Official test done

Posted by MamaHugs , 02 January 2010 · 452 views

I had to go to the lab this morning to do my official pregnancy test.  My clinic only does urine tests though which really bites.  I basically already know the results from urine, I want to know more.  Either way, now I wait for the call from the clinic. Always waiting ...My spotting has stopped and I keep getting BFP's on HPT's so I'm feeling...


Faint BFP but spotting

Posted by MamaHugs , 29 December 2009 · 554 views

I started having some bleeding on Sunday, the 27th.  I then took a HPT test yesterday, a clearblue and got a faint blue + sign.  I bled a bit more during the day, a little here and there.  I took another test this morning (11dp3dt,) a FRER this time and got a second pink line.  It was quite faint to me this morning (5am) but when I compared it from tests...


Losing hope

Posted by MamaHugs , 27 December 2009 · 566 views

I have been testing for the past few days and get BFN's.  I totally expected those in the first couple of days but now that I am 9dp3dt I figured I should see a little bit of something.  DH mentioned that maybe the cheapy tests I got online are the cause of the BFN's.  Of course that has my head spinning now and makes me wonder if I should go out...

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