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Posted by Zuu , 26 August 2010 · 779 views

It's been a year since I joined IVF.ca - wow what a year it's been.  I wanted to take a moment to voice my appreciation and sense of being grateful.  - I have shared countless tears with many women on this site, who although I've never had the pleasure of meeting; never failed to lend an ear or a shoulder when I needed it.- I've been lucky...



Posted by Zuu , 31 March 2010 · 2218 views

12 Week ultrasound yesterday - NT testing and result of bloodwork, etc...Gorgeous pics of our Baby dancing and moving around.  Measurements are excellent -right on track (actually measuring 4 days ahead). 2 arms, 2 legs, a head and a heartbeat of 157 bpm - excellent!  No abnormalities, negative screen for trisomy risks, etc...Then we meet with nurse w...


Officially BFP

Posted by Zuu , 06 February 2010 · 1330 views

I've waited to do this entry for awhile now.  Not sure if I needed the clinic to tell me it's real...Here is the storey of my BFP:DH  started trying to persuade me to POAS last Saturday night when we were 9dp3dt and 13 days after trigger.  We talked and talked and talked (researched if  HCG would be detected - I DID NOT WANT  a false positive) and...



Posted by Zuu , 21 January 2010 · 795 views

I'm so grateful I get the chance to post this.Today was our transfer.  Got to see our gorgeous little trooper and we were given a lovely pic to take home.I am relieved to make it this far and looking forward to the 2ww - I will enjoy every moment.Thanks again for all of your kind words, thoughts and prayers.Love,Stephanie


Cautiously (and I mean cautiously) optimistic...

Posted by Zuu , 20 January 2010 · 864 views

The clinic just called...After receiving such awful news yesterday, this morning the embryologist reported that the one embryo we have left is "beautiful".I am cautiously optimistic and terrified all at once.  I can't thank everyone here enough for you kind words and prayers - clearly the ladies on this site are a force to be reckoned with.  I...



Posted by Zuu , 19 January 2010 · 735 views

Clinic just called...10 eggs were mature - but only one fertilized.  One.Devastated and confused.  Wanting to be hopeful - but truthfully hopeless.Can't stop crying.Wow.


The "official" start to our IVF cycle

Posted by Zuu , 10 December 2009 · 658 views

Today marks offical day 1 of our IVF cycle.  I took my first BCP today (along with ASA and 100 other supplements LOL). DH and I are very excited our time is finally here.  This morning after taking the pill - DH made sick joke - "This is so great baby, now that we are on BCP, we won't have to worry about getting pregnant this month with unprotecte...


What ?!?!

Posted by Zuu , 28 October 2009 · 605 views

So last night called my girlfriend who gave birth about two weeks ago to her first (and likely only) baby.  The thing about this girlfriend is that she and her Hubby were undecided about kids until about 10-11 months ago.  Then of course, first month they "tried" - BINGO!  She was hesitant to tell me about the pregnancy at first due to our IF...


First day blogging...

Posted by Zuu , 13 September 2009 · 654 views

First official day blogging...maybe not so analog after all.As I wait for the call from the clinic for our first date with IVF - I'm amazed at the difference in my emotions from day to day.  Some days (after two long years) it's as though I've come to accept this is the way we'll have children, other days I can't stop crying at the...

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