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My clinic says...

Posted by Good Fortune , 06 January 2010 · 1023 views

And this I found really comforting and wanted to share;

"We almost never cancel anyone. It probably harms our statistics, but if a woman has just 2 follicles, THEY COULD BE THE ONES!"

"Quality not quantity every time"

"One follicle = one embryo = one baby HAPPENS! And it's not infrequent."

Other things I love about my clinic are:

No BETAs. POAS at home using a reliable brand. No coming to the clinic in tears knowing it's negative before you even roll up your sleeve.

6 free counselling sessions per cycle. She's good too.

They're all women. And some of them have "been there".

They don't push research on your at your expense under the guise of being something you really need.

And most conveniently, they are 10 minutes walk from my home / work!

But over and above everything else I want to say:

"One follicle = one embryo = one baby HAPPENS! And it's not infrequent."

Having suffered the kick in the nuts that is a cancellation with 3 follicles in the past, it really made me stop and think! How did they know they were not the ones? Having been mightily suppressed, maybe the fact that those 3 grew at all meant they were absolutely the ones.

Some recent BFPs spring to mind. Many of them did not have a huge amount of follicles or eggs or embryos, risked cancellation/conversion and are PREGNANT!

I say we should be questioning those cancellations!

Best wishes all xxx

So nice to hear that there are wonderful clinics out there.
This is your time GF.

I was thinking about blogging on that exact subject. There have been a ton of us lately that had threatened cycles that ALL CAME BACK POSITIVE! I totally agree that I was oversuppressed and that the ones that got through HAD to be good!


GF, Yay! for good clinics with positive, empathetic, and patient centered approaches. It really does make all the difference in the world. I'm so happy you've found a place that supports you this way. Yay! Yay! Yay! In many ways your clinic seems to have the same approach as mine. The REs say they hope for 5-6 follies but go forward with less. With <3 you have the option of cancelling, converting to IUI or continuing - the decision is yours. My RE says 'One follicle is how most of the rest of the world does it'. I agree that follies that continue to develop in the face of heavy suppression are true fighters, but am grateful that my clinic rarely uses BCP, my first cycle had no suppression at all. I DO like having the betas tho' - after numerous positive pee sticks due to chemicals I'd rather have a quantifiable number; for me seeing a 6 is a lot easier than having a week or two of positive sticks only to crash later.Anyway, thanks for sharing this - hopefully it will help balance some of the negativity that some clinics hand out as 'realism'. No one should be given false hope but no one needs to be made to feel more of a failure. I'm really happy you've got such a positive clinic - fingers crossed their attitude gives you confidence in them and in yourself!
Jan 06 2010 04:07 PM
Your clinic sounds like a really great one. So nice to not have that hurdle on top of all the others we face. Yay!! I think the UK has an all round better view of IF and it's treatment than the Canadian medical system does. Do you have a spare room I could move into while I use your clinic? ;)
GF, your clinic sounds great. I agree that it only takes one. I think that it should be up
to the woman as to whether she wants to proceed, sometimes a woman never responds better than the cancelled
I like this post - thank you. Having low AFC and this being my first time with IVF, I am having anxiety about that first U/S...this coming Sunday. Want to hear good news, want to hear LOTS of follicles - but also don't want to hear about cancelling.

Thanks for this. It makes me hopeful.
Good Fortune
Jan 06 2010 06:48 PM
Mollygirl, mi casa su casa! Just come anyhow, I'd love to meet you. I've been at this clinic since I've been back here in March last year. I can't speak for the whole of the UK, but I think generally they feel bad about taking your money, as healthcare is free for all here. There's a "postcode lottery" that dictates whether you get any help with IVF. We get none as DH already has children, so I think the clinics feel bad about stuff like that.

Hugsalot - I had you in mind when I wrote it. Your cycle could have been my first cycle. I still wonder about it. Money issues aside, psychologically the cancellation did more harm than good.

zu80302- It shouldn't be as nerve-wracking as it is. Cancellations are vile things and leave you feeling inadequate and very unsure of yourself. The more stories I read the more I am convinced that fewer, good follicles in the older woman is the best prognosis. I hope fervently that I'll be able to attest to this myself one day. I'll be thinking about you, hoping it goes ok on Sunday. Don't let them make you feel inadequate if you don't have tons of follies!

"IT'S NOT INFREQUENT" Those were her words.

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