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Who actually wears an IVF tee-shirt?

Posted by Good Fortune , 10 February 2011 · 4435 views

Stumbled across this which I expect many of you are familiar with :


Years ago, when I dabbled in Christianity, I bought a hoodie with an eagle on and a verse from Isiah I think it was, to advertise my new-found craze and spread the word of my new bezzie, JC.
I don't know why I did it. I quite liked it at first, but the transfer wasn't very good and it soon started flaking off.

Besides, why did I need a badge to advertise my feelings. Was I that insecure? Turns out I was, because JC and I didn't stay the course. I'm too demanding and he just has too many other friends for me to handle. So we're on a break.

Getting back on topic, I love some of these designs. They're clever, artful, tongue in cheek and funny. But I couldn't wear one. No, not even the Great Sperm Race (are we there yet?), which is perhaps my favourite. But then I'm not a Tee-shirt girl, and "Some of my best friends are fertile" doesn't look right on a blouse.

And what is the purpose of it anyway?
Is it to poke fun of ourselves?
Is it to feel we actually belong somewhere?
Is it capitalism gone mad?

Is it a much needed antidote to the "baby on board" sticker generation, who many of you will become? :P

I probably should be loud and proud about our predicament, but I'm not sure how to be. I'm not sure I want to be, because my life choices led me here. Most of you, bless you all, could never have expected to have landed up on ivf.ca. It's just chumps like me, the wives of vasectomised men, the women who went through sterilisation in all good faith, those who were forced to wait until age 40 to TTC, we're the ones that feel that just maybe infertility is our own silly fault.
And we sure don't want to advertise or bleat about that fact!

So, who wears one and who doesn't? Are you out there? How do people react?

And will someone please extend the range to silk scarves and purses, then I might be tempted!

i was on cafepress last night looking up something for my neice.....and for some crazy reason i looked up infertility. i was shocked by all of the stuff they had - interesting too see - some funny. but i wouldn't wear one - but that's just me....i'm sure there are people out there who wouldn't care and wear the shirt proudly!
Feb 10 2011 03:17 PM
I have one and I just ordered a mug from there.I will be the walking poster child if it brings attention in a positive and realistic light.I always get asked a question or two when I wear it and am able to debunk their "all ivf results in 8 babies" concept.Bringing attention to such a personal topic isn't for everyone but I'm not bothered by it for myself.
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Feb 10 2011 03:22 PM
I love reading your posts and I have to say that I am as puzzled as you are about these shirts. "I kicked infertility's ass?" LOL...so weird! That one with the BFP test that says "think positive"...isin't that the type of gift a fertile co-worker who sits beside you and is just about to announce her 3rd pregnancy gives to alleviate her guilt about the fact that she knows you've been trying for years and she doesn't know what to say? But then what are you supposed to do? Wear it to work? "Gee, no BFP this month, but it shows a positive test on my boobs!" Duh. Cafepress does make up shirts to order according to anyones specs, so I guess it would make sense if you were going to some kind of charity walk event or IVF support rally (do they have those?) and I guess maybe some clinics might have these made up to keep in their "gift shop"...maybe like a nice parting gift? I don't have any trouble telling people how I had my kids and how many years it took (they see my grey hair and emerging wrinkles and wonder) but I don't think I'd send someone an "I kicked infertility's ass" invitation...what kind of party would this be anyway? so weird...
Feb 10 2011 03:29 PM
I think they are hilarious but would never wear one or advertise our medical condition that way. I'm all for being open and sharing when it is to help but to simply wear a t-shirt for all the see, question and remark about is unproductive. Sure, it might start up a conversation with someone who you wouldn't have known was IF but I don't want to spend my day doing that. If someone hears I might be able to help and contacts me (has happened numerous times), I'm happy to offer support outside this site but I would never being a walking billboard for it. But I do love the onesies for ivf babies - maybe I could be convinced to put one of those on a baby if I ever get one!
Feb 10 2011 03:30 PM

!" Duh. Cafepress does make up shirts to order according to anyones specs, so I guess it would make sense if you were going to some kind of charity walk event or IVF support rally (do they have those?) and I guess maybe some clinics might have these made up to keep in their "gift shop"...maybe like a nice parting gift?

I love the idea of wearing them to some sort of a IVF rally!!
Feb 10 2011 03:44 PM
Strangely enough I was also browsing these shirts last night! Some are funny but like someone else mentioned some (such as 'think positive') lean towards condescending for me. To each their own I guess.
I think some of them are tasteful. like the little onesies that say I was worth the wait or mommy's little miracle.
Feb 10 2011 03:56 PM
I've wondered this too. My favorite one is "I did IVF and all I got was this stupid T-shirt". How's that for a farewell gift from your clinic! ;)
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I don't have one, but I imagine it's partially a proud bit, and partially a reclaiming being infertile, and getting our power back? Just guessing.I have a tshirth that says free NFLd, and I always get stoopid questions about it(like I didn't know it wasn't free ) so I could only imagine e questions I would get from an infertile shirt!
Looking at the tshirts made me laugh but I don't think I would ever wear one. Kudos to those with the guts to do otherwise!I do like the purse and scarf idea . . . . .
Feb 10 2011 05:32 PM
I would totally wear "my doctor knocked me up". Since I tell people that anyway. I'll admit that I take small pleasures out of shocking fertiles - I like the idea of doing it without much effort.
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Great blog, for many reasons. Love it!I don't even like to have a Canada flag anywhere on my luggage when I travel to other countries because I hate it when people know I'm a tourist. I think I'd feel the same way if I wore an IVF t-shirt. I'd rather just let people assume I'm one of them - the fertile ones.
Some of the onesies are cute but I can't believe there are 16 pages dedicated to this. Holy!
Feb 10 2011 06:20 PM
Thanks for the laugh!!
I was tempted, but am frankly to cheap to buy one. LOL
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GF - you're brilliant. Thanks for another great blog.To blend some of the thoughts above - I think I'm a tourist to fertile land - with the m/c's and all.Maybe I need some sort of tag or flag on my handbag when I go to the clinic?Could never publicly wear a shirt though - I'm weak, and also probably fall into the camp of the ones who brought a few of the less helpful contributing factors onto myself by choice.Most people figure that out when they hear I'm over 40 and childless. By then I already feel judged. Oh - and the professional career thing never helps either.You know what though has been surprising lately is a few people that I'd learned about (mostly family) thought we chose not to have children.Wonder how they got there? Like most - b/c they never asked and made assumptions. Probably thought we were having too much fun with our lives, which until the ART period, of the last 1.5 years or so, we were. I am tickled by the "my doctor knocked me up" shirt - partially b/c DH is a doc - and it would sure make people wonder - even how our relationship started...lol.Now I feel compelled to go and look at them....ttyl, lol.-kjPS. Btw - is there one that says infertility kicked my ass? Let's be fair now. Maybe the - "nope, still not pregnant - but thanks for pointing out how fat I've gotten" would do in a pinch.
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Ok - now I've looked at them. Was surprised to find it just made me sad.Sorry, don't have enough hope left to sport one. -kj
Ha! We were just joking about infertility t-shirts recently! I didn't think to actually look them up but of COURSE they actually exist! I've had some crazy thoughts lately of things I can put as status updates or profile pictures on facebook as my infertile version of everyone's baby and pregnancy updates.
Feb 11 2011 12:11 AM
i would NEVER wear/buy any of this stuff. just me. maybe it's for others but i have a hard time imagining.... and who the EFF would have the nerve to buy someone one of those cards?? i think the titles of the cards/shirts would be good-funny chat material for us ivf'ers, but never for anything else..
Good Fortune
Feb 11 2011 07:13 AM
OK, seen the one for me : http://www.cafepress...frame,308755895
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