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Help me please

Posted by Good Fortune , 15 August 2011 · 1820 views

I haven't blogged in ages.We're on holiday in Turkey and my step doughtier was groped. We were on a crowded tram and she got sandwiched between some teenage boys and she told me when we got off one of them put his hand in her pants. She is 13.It's a common occurrence here. It has happened to me as I've travelled here numerous times.Obvious...


I'm a closet Victorian after all.

Posted by Good Fortune , 24 April 2011 · 2656 views

Hell's Teeth, my step-daughter's up the spout.16 years old, first serious boyfriend, period 20 days late. Hmm.Well, I suppose we should be flattered she confided in us first, or at least made it so obvious something was upsetting her that we told her to spit it out. But not before she'd sent all sorts of ambiguous text messages to her mum abou...


Am I a parent already?

Posted by Good Fortune , 13 March 2011 · 1428 views

I have 3 step-daughters. I have a husband whose vasectomy reversal hasn't worked in any meaningful way. He has an ex who has since had another child, because she can. I am forty and for one reason or another IVF hasn't worked so far. It's hard.We have the girls every other weekend, and it's okay. I have my ups and downs with it, but it cou...


The Showdown

Posted by Good Fortune , 28 February 2011 · 1613 views

My mum has been carrying on with an idiotic affair with a married man since I was FIVE. I cannot stand this man. He is the most selfish, bigoted, controlling, corrupt, f**ked up individual I've ever met, but seems to have a hold over my mother. She obviously has her reasons; she has been dominated by controlling men all her life. I think she sees bein...


The inexplicable 20%

Posted by Good Fortune , 21 February 2011 · 1353 views

I would like to attempt to explain DH's stance, because I know it seems iniquitous that he should leave our next move up to me. I know you all think this should be a joint decision, for very sound reasons. The reason is this, and maybe it will make a bit more sense now.DH did, DOES want us to have a child together. Our child, our genes, made together...


I still don't know what I'm doing!

Posted by Good Fortune , 19 February 2011 · 1745 views

In May it'll be one year since our last IVF, after which we were so tired, broken and jaded that we decided we needed a break. Well, that break is drawing to a close and I need to make my mind up. Yes, that's I, not we. DH says it's really up to me and he'll probably go along with whatever.I'm now 40. Whatever the reasons were we didn...


Who actually wears an IVF tee-shirt?

Posted by Good Fortune , 10 February 2011 · 4396 views

Stumbled across this which I expect many of you are familiar with : http://shop.cafepres...nfertilityYears ago, when I dabbled in Christianity, I bought a hoodie with an eagle on and a verse from Isiah I think it was, to advertise my new-found craze and spread the word of my new bezzie, JC.I don't know why I did it. I quite liked it at first, but...


Who'll take care of me?

Posted by Good Fortune , 18 January 2011 · 1251 views

My mum suffered a brain haemorrhage 10 days ago. I thought she was going to die.The staff at the Neurological Centre at the hospital I work at were magnificent, and she has received amazing treatment that has embolised the bleed, and I think she's now out of danger. She's doing really well!  :th_acheerlead: Mum has never married and I am an on...


My antipathy to sympathy

Posted by Good Fortune , 12 December 2010 · 1227 views

Oh man. I never thought the unluckiest guy in the world would feel sorry for me. DH spent all day with his mates yesterday for a 40th birthday bash. Two of the guys have just recently become first time dads. I think they all knew we were trying to conceive. So when DH came home I decided only to ask if he had a good time, and leave it at that. In view of...


Unfit Stepmother

Posted by Good Fortune , 04 December 2010 · 1522 views

Shamelessly seeking vindication here. Even DH says I went too far. I'm even scared to write this.Youngest stepdaughter has been cutting the cat's fur. Yes it's funny. Wackford now has a choppy thing going on at the back of his head. So I asked the 3 girls who did it. Even asked DH if he did it. Long story short, the only person who would possi...

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