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Posted by Lisa1995 , 18 October 2009 · 1204 views

I am ready to graduate from Infertility School. This has been a 4.5 year program for me so I think it qualifies for an honours degree. I have done more studying and research than I ever did in university and I know I could pass an infertility written exam with flying colours! I started out taking IUI 101 then moved on to IVFs with and without ICSI, a m/c, a disaster cycle with none to transfer and 5 FETs for bonus marks. And as an elective credit I studied alternative therapies. Now if only I could pass the practical exam! I am picturing the graduation ceremony right now: I am being handed a healthy little bundle of joy and everyone is so proud, especially me. Oh big registrar in the sky please let me graduate this time! Ad astra per aspera

Your right, we could all be doctors :)
WOW!!! That was an amazing analogy! I most certainly can relate!
Yup - and during my education, i now expect all docs to know as much as I do (and, well in recent expereinces with my GP - they do not know that much about IVF - like how they actually get the eggs from your body....
I'll be clapping when you do graduate! Moms are the ones who never give up.

PS: In case anyone is wondering what the school's latin motto is: Ad astra per aspera = To the stars through difficulties :)
I think we can all relate. Many RE's are surprised that their patients know that much.

Best of luck!
hi lisa - wow, i LOVE that quote in latin.

and i can totally relate to the studying part. lol. awesome blog entry.
Lisa - you are so right! I feel like I know a lot more than most doctors! After 11 years, I am more than ready for my diploma and applicable salary!
Oct 19 2009 05:23 AM
Such a great annology, in meetings with doctors and nurses i feel like i am telling them what should be done and reminding them of protocalls that worked and didn't work in the past
anybody can give me the adress of a good fertility centre in mississauga

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