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Finally, a pleasant surprise!

Posted by Sapphire , 17 February 2010 · 1799 views

After failed cycles, high FSH, poor response, cancelled cycles, etc, etc, I didn't think anything about this process could surprise me anymore. I've weathered every setback and come back for more. I was supposed to be doing an FET with our lone Frostie last month, with the proviso that we would do a fresh cycle instead if my CD2 levels defied all predictions. I didn't expect them to and have been coming to terms with the fact that Frostie might be our last chance with my eggs. With a 2 year wait for DE here in NZ, maybe it was our last chance, full stop.

Then, I went 52 days without having AF. Turns out, the process could surprise me after all. I went for a blood test yesterday to try to get some hints about how far away she might be. Murphy's Law of IVF therefore dictates that AF started this morning, before I even got the results from the clinic. Yay, so we're back on track - Frostie might be coming home soon.

So you could have knocked me over with a feather when I got the test results. My FSH was 15 - that is GREAT for me. Forget the usual FSH cut-off of 10 - my RE decided months ago that my cut off was 23 and the best of our two cycles started with a CD2 FSH of 20. The last cancelled cycle, started with an FSH of 25, after being on BCP for a month, which was supposed to bring it down! But after 3 months of no meds at all and a cycle twice as long as it should be, the FSH turned itself around.

All of a sudden, it looked like we might be able to do a fresh cycle after all - surely the FSH couldn't jump that much before my CD2 test tomorrow?! But wait, it gets even better - the RE doesn't see any point repeating the test tomorrow, but is happy to rely on yesterday's test.

So we're off! It will be a short/flare cycle, so stims start in 48 hours! I'm completely in shock - hence the need unburden myself of the story here. It's probably pretty boring - a chick starts an IVF cycle - big deal, that happens every day on this site.

But it IS a big deal for me. It's a huge deal. I get another chance I didn't think I was going to have. IVF has finally confounded my expectations in a good way and I am counting my blessings.

Wish me luck.

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GOOD LUCK! Good Luck! GOOD LUCK!!! :) YEAH!!!! xoxox
Woohoo! Sounds like all systems go! All the best!!!
Yay!!!!! That is wonderful news! Good for you and GOOD LUCK!!
Good luck!!! By the way, my DH is a Kiwi here in Toronto!
All the best!
YAY!!!!! Yipee for being back on the ride! Fingers crossed this is a marvelously successful cycle for you!
Feb 17 2010 10:38 PM
YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAFFY!!!!!!!! Congrats on an awesome FSH number!! I can't wait to read about your BFP in a few weeks!
YAY! Wishing you the best of luck :)
Feb 18 2010 07:13 AM
Good Luck!
Feb 18 2010 07:13 AM
Good Luck!
Woohoo Saffy!!! We will be PUPO together!
Feb 18 2010 05:21 PM
AWESOME NEWS SAFFY!!!! So glad that AF decided to make her appearance on the tails of such a great FSH result and that you are ready to roll.

May this cycle be the one that makes all of your dreams come true. I have everything crossed for you and every hope for your complete success!

Stay well and keep the faith!

Thank you all so much for your support.

We have only told a couple of people IRL about our IVF struggles, so having the cheerleading team behind us is the absolute best.
Feb 18 2010 10:11 PM

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