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A sad day in my corner of the world

Posted by Sapphire , 18 August 2010 · 1563 views

I need to acknowledge a tragedy that has touched me today.  I work in a corner of the New Zealand fishing industry, and that industry is a small one operating in cold and hostile waters that has today suffered the loss of six of our number.  A large fishing boat sunk suddenly this morning around 400 miles off our coastline, resulting in the loss of six of...


The great FSH lottery - the results are in!

Posted by Sapphire , 10 August 2010 · 1586 views

And SMC was our winner, picking the correct answer of 22!Good news is that's 10-15 points (or whatever you call them!) better than I expected.  This time last year I had an FSH of 30+, so I'm happy as long as the number is getting better, rather than worse.Bad news is that the RE recommended only cycling if it was 21 or less :th_aggahhh: B...


The great FSH lottery

Posted by Sapphire , 06 August 2010 · 1824 views

Now I know that most of you young (and not so young) things aren't burdened with stressing about your FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) levels like I (and some of my cyber-sisters) are, but bear with me.  As far as I can tell, the FSH level I register in any given month is a lottery, so I've decided to embrace that fact and run a sweepstake.    T...


Finally, a pleasant surprise!

Posted by Sapphire , 17 February 2010 · 1776 views

After failed cycles, high FSH, poor response, cancelled cycles, etc, etc, I didn't think anything about this process could surprise me anymore.  I've weathered every setback and come back for more.  I was supposed to be doing an FET with our lone Frostie last month, with the proviso that we would do a fresh cycle instead if my CD2 levels defied al...


Why can’t I just be normal?

Posted by Sapphire , 25 January 2010 · 1467 views

I know we've all said it from time to time, but the last couple of days have had me repeating this pointless mantra over and over again.  I'm waiting for AF, so I can test to determine whether we are doing another fresh IVF cycle or giving our little lone frostie a chance.  The fresh cycle is highly unlikely as my FSH is high (20+) and seems to ha...


Please help me make a decision

Posted by Sapphire , 04 December 2009 · 1227 views

It's been a long time between blogs, but I really need help with the latest dilemma IVF has faced us with.  Every time I think I've dealt with every setback and frustration IVF can throw at you, it throws me a new one.  Long story short, I've had two unsuccessful cycles this year and three cancelled due to (variously) high FSH and high E2 on d...


Post the Post-Mortem

Posted by Sapphire , 08 September 2009 · 744 views

Thanks to everyone for their messages of support and understanding at the frustration I expressed in my last entry.  I'm delighted (and a little sheepish) to report that the clinic rang today to offer us an appointment this Friday afternoon in our own town, due to a cancellation.  And I take back all the uncharitable things I may have thought about th...


The BFN Post-mortem

Posted by Sapphire , 07 September 2009 · 863 views

AF arrived a couple of days before my beta.  To start with, I could categorise it as ‘spotting’ but I soon had to face facts.  Another one bites the dust.  I had a minor meltdown pre-beta but bounced back pretty well.  There are a few reasons for this – partly because after the high FSH cancellations, it felt like a victory just getting to try again – but...


To pee or not to pe...

Posted by Sapphire , 30 August 2009 · 1528 views

... that is the question.  I’m in the home straight of the 2WW, but it seems to get harder, not easier, as the end comes into sight.  I stayed pretty calm though the first week, but the second week really is the killer.  I’m so good at reciting the mantra ‘symptoms mean nothing and no symptoms mean less’ to others, but terrible at believing it myself.  Un...


The Countdown to ER

Posted by Sapphire , 15 August 2009 · 960 views

Phew, a lot has happened since my last entry (due t lack of internet access), so I thought I better record events for posterity.I started Gonal-F (or Gonad-F, thanks Edie!) on Thursday, 6 August.  The conversation with the nurse at the clinic went as I expected it might – she said ‘sorry, but it’s not good news’, I inhaled and braced myself for anothe...

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