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Life in a nutshell


The Rock

Posted by jennykash , 13 October 2011 · 1079 views

Ha ha, ya right ;) Anyhow, just felt like I'd add a few words, seeing how I am such an inconsistent blogger. What a year it has been! Traveling around the world for work, doing medical tourism, changing jobs (twice), husband's surgery (twice), his continued deterioration leading to the leap to long term disability which has been a huge emotional strug...


The Flip and then the Flop

Posted by jennykash , 22 February 2011 · 847 views

I have to laugh today... It's amazing how quickly you can go from being "DONE" to "OK, One more TRY!"I have spent the last few months DONE with TTC. Not counting cycle days, not even knowing when AF is due or if I'm ovulating. Trying to ignore pregnant bellies, drinking coconut rum regardless of what day I am on, and convincing...


The craziness of IF

Posted by jennykash , 30 January 2011 · 953 views

Watching the W5 story initially pissed me right off... highlighting a woman who appears so unstable, mentally and emotionally, who with many children of her own has the audacity to attempt to sell her unborn baby, try to "choose" the perfect baby, when so many of us are desperate to even have a baby. BUT... I have been thinking about it this morni...


Sigh... What next?

Posted by jennykash , 05 December 2010 · 1591 views

Ok, so the polls are out there. What now? All frozen embryos are gone. 2 fresh, 10 frozen, a million IUIS... Anyone care to tell me what the HELL I should do now? lol. No chance of a natural miracle in our house, due to DH's disability. No chance of adoption, as I don't think an adoption agency would touch us.... Anyone care to vote?


It's done and now the wait

Posted by jennykash , 27 November 2010 · 969 views

Well, there are now 2 little embryos inside, hopefully finding a place to snuggle in. Funny, because I seem so detached to the whole thing. I think back to all of my previous cycles, and I felt the need to analyze every detail, dream, hope, and imagination of this wonderful experience with DH. Now, as terrible as it sounds, I am just like "Get this wh...



Posted by jennykash , 23 November 2010 · 669 views

Here go in the last 2 of the 7 dwarves from our fresh cycle last January... Seems like so much has happened since then. I guess I am approaching this FET quite differently. I haven't really thought about it. I am not stressing about it. I have several "back up plans" already in place (doing an IVF cycle in Costa Rica, doing nothing for now, or...



Posted by jennykash , 21 November 2010 · 1759 views

I have been a part of this community for over 10 years, TTC in Canada with NO success and paying tons of money with absolutely NOTHING to show for it. Now this is an IVF vacation, for CHEAP and as stressfree as possible(is that even possible, lol). AND it is totally legit... I have met the DRs, seen the JCI accredited hospital, and talked with many women...



Posted by jennykash , 05 November 2010 · 783 views

Never really left, just lurked for the last several months. To be honest, until today I never even knew what CD I was on! Now THAT'S funny!Quickie update, DH and I went to Costa Rica in June for the MS procedure and he has had some amazing things happen. For someone with Primary progressive MS, he's able to say he feels so much better than...


Encouraged to blog again...

Posted by jennykash , 09 June 2010 · 972 views

Well, this post will have very little about TTC and IF, as unfortunately my life has taken a turn where that is the least (well, maybe not the least) of my worries. For those of you who have followed this journey of mine, from numerous IUI's, 2 IVF's, 3 FET's, almost 10 years of TTC, the death of my dad, my mom's cancer, my brothers health...


Life goes on

Posted by jennykash , 22 March 2010 · 703 views

I finally got AF on CD39...weird. I have no idea why it was soooo late. I have been getting night sweats too. I am SOOOO hoping this has nothing to do with pre-menopause or anything stupid like that. I am ONLY 30! I am still waiting until the end of April to talk to get our second opinion on implantation stuff. DH and I have had some serious talks lat...

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