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Time for an update.......

Posted by CnC , 28 August 2009 · 630 views

WOW...some days it seems like time is flying by, and others it feels like it's standing still! It's been a few weeks since my last entry and so it seems like the novelty is already wearing off for me! Time for an update.

Today we are officially 13 weeks and 2 days along in our pregnancy! We are over the moon thrilled! Every day it's still feels like a dream that we are here...pregnant and going to have a baby (god willing)!

I have to honestly say that I have been very fortunate in how I have been feeling. There is nothing that i can complain about...i get "waves" of the odd thing, but nothing that lasts long. I will say that for the last two weeks i really have not had ANY food that satisfied me. I don't have food adversions per se....just nothing tastes GREAT to me, and it's hard for me to deal with because I LOVE FOOD! I will go and specifically order or make things that I crave, two bites in to it....i'm done! I will say though that my husband went and ordered Chinese Food for me last night and I have been craving Chinese Food for about 2 months now. My husband is Italian and is not very fond of Chinese Food, but he ate it....JUST FOR ME! We had Won Ton soup, Beef and Broccoli, Ginger Beef, and Chicken Fried Rice....all my favorites! And it was GOOD! It was sooo good that i even brought it for lunch today....but two bites in to it....done!

Anyways, we have had our NT Scan done. That was on August 11 and everything appeared to have measured very well. The Neonatologist said that it looked really good, but that you never know what could show for the bloodwork. She also said that no news was good news....well it's been 2 weeks and we still have not heard anything, so here's hoping!!! The baby was measuring at exactly 11 weeks.

We then had our first OB appointment with Dr. Boulton. I swear the man is older than the hills, but he has GREAT bedside manner and is very very funny! It helps with the awkward moments....he just seems to have all the right things to say! Anyways, i was weighed. I was absolutely dreading being weighed because i just don't want to know! Although I am not happy with my weight, i was pleased to find out that i only gained 1 lb in the first 12 weeks! Then the examination...well, i must say that neither me or my husband was expecting the good 'ol doc to inspect every single millimeter of my body, but he did! Then he followed that up with "your husband isn't going to want to come to your next appointments because you will be leaving your clothes on". Anyways....it all seems to be good. The only thing that will be a crap shot at this time is whether or not I can breast feed. I had a breast reduction done about 15 years ago and that may affect my ability to breast feed. If i had a good plastic surgeon, all should be good. If i didn't, then I won't be able to! I'm okay with either outcome. The idea of breastfeeding kinda freaks me out anyways....i know it's the most natural thing ever....but, i don't know...i just can't explain it. Maybe closer to giving birth, i will change my mind...only time will tell!

We bought a dopler...yes, my husband spent hours on the internet and Kijiji searching for the best one for us and found one at a reasonable price. I absolutely LOVE IT - when we find the heartbeat. But, for the two times that we didn't, oh my god....i was the worse purchase ever! My husband goes ballistic with fear that something has happened with the baby. Perhaps because i'm the one carrying the baby, i just don't feel concerned. I just believe the baby is hiding and we'll find it later. My lack of worry, i think stresses my husband out even more. Both times, we found the heartbeat a few hours later......and it looked as though a 100lb weight was lifted off his shoulders. Another week and we shouldn't have the problems anymore.

I'm kinda in a place right now where my belly is starting to get rounded, and more firm (not soo squishy with my few extra pounds), but i still look like i'm just gaining more weight and not actually pregnant. All my pants are getting rather uncomfortable for me now...and so for the most part, buttons are done up any more. I hate to clothes shop and I really don't want to have to start buy maternity clothes now...my god, what will i wear when i'm 8 months! Too many things to think about...don't even get me started on car seats and strollers!

That's our update for now...hopefully i can keep this up so that i don't have soo much to ramble about next time!

I am looking forward to the weekend, as i hope you are too!

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