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Lessons After 4 IVF Cycles

Posted by AnxiousIVFer , 21 November 2019 · 462 views

The Journey
As a carrier of a rare genetic disorder, there is a 50% risk of my children being affected/carrying the mutation. I witnessed my father suffering so much at the end of his life that I cannot bear to witness another loved one going through this again. He was fortunate in the sense that his symptoms presented later in life. Some with this disorder present in early childhood, which leads to significant morbidity or mortality at an early age. This is the reason why I embarked on my journey of IVF as I can do prenatal genetic testing to minimize the risk of my children being affected.
I was hoping to write a motivation post after I have finally succeeded in my IVF efforts. Unfortunately, it has yet to happen and I am not sure if it ever will, so I figured out this is the right time to speak up. I don’t mean for this to be a sob-story. Instead, my hope for this post is two-fold:
1. To support those who are going through a similar journey and hopefully help them feel not alone.
2. To bring awareness to these issues.

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