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My Miracles have arrived!

Posted by thisisourtime , 29 March 2010 · 1391 views

On Thursday, March 18th my amazing twin boys arrived via scheduled c-section.  Up until Monday, March 15th the plan had been for an induction and vaginal delivery, however "Twin A" had IUGR in the previous 3 ultrasounds and my OB said that an induction would be long as my cervix was showing no sign of softening and a long labour would be hard on t...


Virtual Rally for IVF Funding in Ontario - December 2nd! Please Participate!

Posted by thisisourtime , 01 December 2009 · 716 views

Please see the note below.  I am blessed to be 22 weeks pregnant thanks to IVF.  Having provincial funding would have been amazing, as many people are not as fortunate as myself and my DH to be able to afford this procedure.  Please participate in this so that the doors for IVF treatment can be open to more people and they can experience the blessing that...



Posted by thisisourtime , 25 August 2009 · 973 views

I am over the moon.  Yesterday we got to see two healthy and happy sacs with two healthy and happy babies...I am still wondering when it will feel real!  During the ultrasound, we thought there might have been two babies in one of the sacs, but there is just one per sac.  I think triplets would have made my DH faint as he is already wondering how to f...


One Week since my BFP and it still doesn't feel real.

Posted by thisisourtime , 07 August 2009 · 871 views

Having been on the TTC train for about 3.5 years, it still hasn't sunk in that I am actually pregnant. Although I am bloated and the shape of my belly button seems to change every day, even my husband says it is not going to feel real until we go for that first ultrasound.  I bought my first pregnancy book on the day of the BFP since I was too scared...


Beta is 285 at 10dp5dt! I am over the moon!

Posted by thisisourtime , 31 July 2009 · 1588 views

I can't believe it!  I am officially pregnant.  Now to find a fun way to tell DH tonight when I pick him up from work.  My beta is 285 and I am 10dp5dt.  The clinic usually looks for 50 - 100 as a singleton, and anything higher as twins - although everyone is different. I am just happy being pregnant and can wait a few weeks to find out how many.


9dp5dt - Baby Dreams and the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Posted by thisisourtime , 30 July 2009 · 549 views

Last night I had the most wonderful dream of being pregnant at my own baby shower.  It was such a pleasant dream, I didn't want to wake up from it!  I remember opening gifts, but don't recall who any of the people were who were at the shower, or what the gift were.  But it was great to have a dream of being pregnant!Out of need for sociali...


8dp5dt OHSS - Ouch!

Posted by thisisourtime , 29 July 2009 · 1758 views

I spent 3 hours at the clinic yesterday and was diagnosed with mild to moderate OHSS. I had an ultrasound that went from my rib cage to my pelvis and the also took images from my back and sides. The ultrasound was actually quite relaxing, it felt a bit like a massage.  The RE and nurse told me the OHSS was a good sign and even offered to do a beta - even...


6dp5dt - My Belly Has Grown by 4cm

Posted by thisisourtime , 27 July 2009 · 1722 views

There have been some posts lately in the blogs which have brought me to tears.  Tears of sadness, tears of joy, tears of hope, tears of optimism.  Although I have never met anyone on this site, I feel like I have been let into their lives and am able to get an understanding of their joys and struggles as we all work towards a common goal.  I am extremely...


There is no 'perfect' way to be a PUPO

Posted by thisisourtime , 24 July 2009 · 511 views

I guess you can never really prepare yourself for how you will feel once you are a PUPO.  Although I am not "officially" pregnant, I am more pregnant now than I have ever been before with my two little embies - Duracell & Engerizer growing inside of me. Being a parent is something I have wanted my entire life and I could not imagine my life wi...


I am a PUPO!

Posted by thisisourtime , 21 July 2009 · 483 views

I can't believe it.  I am a PUPO!  What an amazing and surreal feeling! So close, yet so far on this very interesting journey to parenthood.  This morning we transferred two AA blasts who will be calling my uterus home for the next 37 weeks. We also got to freeze 3, 2 - ABs and a BB.  We also had 3 CC's which the emryologist said were too...

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