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Posted by single father to be , 24 September 2017 · 3106 views

I made a decision to search for a new gestational surrogate.  I have been working with a woman through an agency, CFS.  She lives in NFL and had volunteered to carry for me and I was thrilled.  It's been 4 months and little has happened in this time.  In addition, she has been so difficult to get hold of and seems to treat this entire process (including communicating with me) as if it were a chore.  It's been such an emotional challenge to deal with her and so I knew I needed to move on.  I definitely feel relieved to be moving on but also realize that this means I'm back to square one with my search for a GS.  If anyone has any ideas on where to search for a GS, please let me know.  Thanks in advance.  

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