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Up on the Watershed

Posted by LundyLane , 15 June 2009 · 597 views

I love the Indigo Girls – they are not much in vogue these days (maybe they never were) – but they satisfy my “Lilith Fair” sensibilities. I was feeling kinda low yesterday so I pulled out my dusty Indigo Girls CD and played through all my old favourites – One song struck me called “Up on the Watershed “ - Bear with me – I’m posting a verse from the song...


Channeling your Inner Oprah

Posted by LundyLane , 11 June 2009 · 571 views

I am an unabashed Oprah fan – ('kay so she has a wee God complex – but I’m OK with that). Oprah soothes me – she makes me feel like, at the very least, I should strive towards serenity of some sort – and I am in need of as much serenity as possible these you can well imagine. Unfortunately, Oprah is now in reruns for the summer - although pa...


Fertility 101

Posted by LundyLane , 10 June 2009 · 617 views

I’m confused – as I now ramp up for IUI #3 I am reviewing my fertility 101 Basics – here’s what I found:• Eat Dairy - Don’t Eat Dairy• Eat Red Meat - Don’t Eat Red Meat• Lose Weight -  Don’t Diet• Exercise to lose weight - Don’t Exercise (hummm see above)• Absolutely no Caffeine – Drink Green Tea• Eat Oysters – Don’t Eat Seafood Here’s my Fertility 102 fo...


Follicularly Challenged – Join the Revolution

Posted by LundyLane , 09 June 2009 · 445 views

I, like many of you, am now on the officially disabled list – the equation below proves my membership to the Follicularly Challenged, Advanced Maternal Age club (FCAMA) 2 IUI + 2 IVF = Fertility Disabled  Membership in FCAMA includes:• Keep you updated and abreast of new trends and therapeutic procedures with our newsletter, the ‘Try Anything That Doesn’t...



Posted by LundyLane , 08 June 2009 · 817 views

Sad news everyone – I got the predicted uncomfortable phone call - the test was negative – no rabbits died today. No big clever post today – just licking my wounds – will finish my day at work, go home and reside in the fetal position with a glass of wine. I will thank the powers that be for my wonderful husband who stroked my hair ‘til I fell asleep last...


What’s a Girl To Do?

Posted by LundyLane , 04 June 2009 · 427 views

4 more days until Beta – I am literally shocked by my self control – I drove right past Shoppers Drug Mart (my new home away from home) last night and did not buy a pregnancy test – (usually I multi pack) yay me!  Having said this, I was wracked with the desire to pee on a stick this morning and alas there was no stick in sight!!! Every ac...


Confessions of a Fertility Junkie

Posted by LundyLane , 01 June 2009 · 398 views

So – there are now 7 more days until beta. 7 more days and I am already starting to plan my next IUI round – what will I do differently next time - how will I increase my chances – what will I continue to do – what gets ditched. All I can manage to do is add things to my list of To-Dos– (I can’t think of anything that actually goes in the “ditch” column –...


What Next? – Embryo Glue?

Posted by LundyLane , 28 May 2009 · 514 views

I’m the kind of person who has achieved success through sheer force of will. My mantra  – if it doesn’t work – try harder – still doesn’t work -  try harder still – not succeeding – work until you make it happen – Put it this way - I’m not your “Jesus Take the Wheel” kind of girl . Hence, sitting back and waiting for the next 10 days to find out whether I...


Somewhat Dubious Things & Outright Lies I Have Told My Husband

Posted by LundyLane , 27 May 2009 · 342 views

Well - my ovaries have now completed their heroic efforts – they released their egg(s) and ideally they have been pierced by my husband’s somewhat lackadaisical sperm – (much enhanced by washing). We just made it over the threshold of 52 % motility which one would think is pretty darn ok – but is apparently only slightly ok (read borderline) –  I continue...


I am Forgiven…?

Posted by LundyLane , 22 May 2009 · 475 views

So it looks like “the girls” have forgiven me for: • My small Tim Horton’s coffee every morning – (followed by 3 more decaf cups)• My addiction to Fresca • The time I forgot to take my Letrozole @ exactly 10:30 PM (woke up in a panic @ 3 AM and choked them down)• Eating all the non-organic fruit my loving mother bought for me over last weekend (that I cou...


My Ovaries are Earning $6.60 an Hour!!!

Posted by LundyLane , 21 May 2009 · 312 views

Today my ovaries should be feeling the impact of the 150 Puregon Shot I took last night - @ $160.00 per shot. I hope they appreciate that they are earning not only more than minimum wage but also:1. More than our monthly grocery bill which is now double cause organic don’t come cheap2. More than two months worth of gas and parking which now includes...


Dusty Ovaries and All....

Posted by LundyLane , 20 May 2009 · 389 views

Well this confirms it – it took me 45 minutes to figure out how to post my first official blog entry – which to the average 25 year old will seem quite excessive – Well in fairness -  I find your 25-year-old 35 follicle response to minimal stimulation equally disconcerting! My paltry 4 follicle response may pale in comparison but it’s all these dusty...

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