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Is Egg Helpers any good

Posted by black_rose_5712 , 02 November 2017 · 4511 views

Egg Helpers

Hi I"m looking to go With Egg Helpers to find my egg donor and want to know other peoples experience and reviews of the company please let me know 

Best to post in the donor buddies forum:

Nov 06 2017 07:54 PM

thank you

Unfortunately we did not have a good experience. It was also verified for us by our clinic that the stats they post on their donors are false. We worked with the biggest donor egg clinic in Canada that has used them many times. They confirmed to me they have a lot of trouble with them. We found out after the fact from the donor cycle coordinator at our clinic, that our donor (who had made 1 donor embryo for us, after a $40 000 cost!) also had made 1 embryo the previous time. Yet, her stats with Egg Helpers listed her as having made 15 embryos that time! We asked about 2 other donor profiles and they confirmed the results Egg Helpers had listed were also widely false.

I know numbers-wise, it has to work out for some people, but it was an absolutely devastating experience for us, and it was very hard to communicate with them. They didn't even respond when we called them on their false advertising. We could have taken legal steps but sadly we were left even more financially strapped after that cycle and just chose to move on.

We are now looking into overseas cycles and it's been such a more affordable and positive experience. Please be careful!

I found they come on a bit strong when you are just in the information seeking stage. They also make you deposit $5000 for travel expense even if your donor is not travelling from far (driving distance).    I did end up using them because I found a donor that sounded perfect for me and as a racialized person, this is not easy to do.  She produced more eggs that they said she had in her previous cycle.

They are saying if it is non local, then two trust accounts need to be established with 5000 each. Very pricy
amazing grace
Nov 30 2018 02:22 PM

I had a consult with them and red flags went up right away. In fact, I found them quite unethical in their ways. 

I don't think Egg Helpers is a unethical organization they are one of the biggest in Canada. I found out that all other companies as well charge $5000 for donor expenses so no difference.  All that matters is you find a donor.

amazing grace
Dec 17 2018 11:42 AM

Being the biggest doesn't make you unethical. $5000 hmmmm, is that all? Not the reason why I made that comment. Finding a donor matters but not when one is being ripped off by their tactics in the process of finding a donor. 

Amazing Grace you used Little Miracles from your past post I read was the cost not similar? All the egg donation clinics here in Ontario charge roughly the same amount for donor expenses. I found no difference between Egg Helpers, Little Miracles and or Tiny Feet and if there was a difference it was minimal.

Nov 19 2019 02:07 PM

As donor I really liked Her Helping Habit. They are a new agency and it's run by a former donor herself who got frustrated with the system and lack of system and created the program she wishes she and her recipients had. Honestly, was such a different experience than when I donated with Tiny Feet or Egg Helpers.  Check them out! 

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