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IUGR and a moved up c-section...

Posted by Anotherhopeful , 19 March 2010 · 1985 views

Wednesday at our 35 week 6 day ultrasound the babies were diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction. Both boys, who were measuring in at least the 50 percentile for singletons at the last ultrasound at 32 weeks are now growth restricted – Baby A is in the 22nd percentile and Baby B (more critically) is in the11th percentile. This means that Baby A is just over 5 pounds and Baby B is approximately 4.8 pounds.

We spent the entire morning on Wednesday at the hospital –after the ultrasound were sent over for a Non-Stress Test and then went to see my OB. My OB was brief and to the point – IUGR is common in multiple pregnancies where space is at a premium. The placentas tend to break down earlier and to become less efficient in the delivery of nutrients, contributing to reduced growth.

While she didn't need to rush me into delivery Wednesday, she did want to deliver as soon as could be arranged. Now, after a couple of very stressful days of worry and uncertainty, we just learned that we will have to wait some more – we are on the wait list again for surgery on Monday, and there are currently no available spots for Tuesday or Wednesday either. I will have another Non-Stress Test tomorrow morning, and if things have deteriorated for either baby, might get to deliver on an emergency basis; the other possibility of course is that I will go into labor spontaneously and then they will have to make a spot for me!

After 17 weeks of bed rest, I am truly ready to move on the next phase. And yet…now there is this new worry that despite us making it so much further than anyone had expected that these little munchkins are not well grown and might have problems as a consequence. It is frustrating on so many levels; I had been feeling like I was doing everything possible to ensure the wellbeing of the babies and yet now I know that they have not been thriving for a few weeks. I feel guilty and wish that there was something I could have done differently; although rationally I understand that there was nothing I could have changed that would have helped –bed rest is the only treatment short of an earlier c-section in the hope that growth would be better on the outside.

I worry now that the boys will be unhealthily small and have difficulties breathing and/or have an underdeveloped sucking reflex. I so want them to be healthy and to thrive; I had so hoped to avoid NICU, and now some stay in NICU seems more likely than not. I hope I am wrong.

I know that the time for worry is over, all of the abstract fears that have haunted me for the last many months, weeks and days are about to be overtaken by reality. As with every other step in this process, we will hope for the best and know that whatever the outcome, we will deal with it with the support of the many caring people around us.

But I am still frightened. Please cross your fingers for our miracle boys.

Good luck! Fingers crossed for you!
I have two friends who recently gave birth to singletons. One delivered at 34 weeks and her baby was 5 lbs and had no breathing problems as feared and the other delivered a growth restricted baby full term weighing only 4.3 lbs and she didn't need to stay in hospital and has done wonderful. I hope these stories put your mind at ease a bit and I have fingers crossed for that things will turn out just as well for you.
Thinking of you and hoping that you get to meet your beautiful, perfect little boys on Monday.

Try not to fret too much AH...Stress won't help a thing. Easy for me to say, right? As a NICU nurse your situation seems pretty average to me - not that I am trying to undermine your doctors or diminish your concern. I would feel the same way in your shoes - but as a professional, I am fairly sure everything will turn out ok. The odds are on your side for things to be ok. Think positively and REMEMBER: you ARE doing everything you can to give your babies the best running start possible.
So sorry to hear about this speedbump, but at least they have only been growth restricted for a very short while. I am sure that they will both be born healthy and hardy, and they may indeed exceed your expectations re what they are capable of at birth. 5 pound twins are quite normal, and the fact that they have gotten so big to date is a testament to you and everything you have done to keep them healthy. I am so excited that you are about to meet your babies!! I had goosebumps reading your post, out of excitement for you. I know that you will face the coming days with the same strength you have shown all along. Good luck my friend. You will do just fine. ;)
((AH)) thinking of you and the sweetpeas. Fingers crossed for everything to go the best way possible!
My thoughts are with you and your precious little boys. It sounds like they are monitoring the situation closely and you will be in good hands.
I believe your boys will be just fine. Thinking about you and your precious Princes! ;)
My niece was born four weeks early and under 5lbs, and other than being a little jaundiced, she was just fine. I have mucho faith in your little guys.
My fingers are crossed!
Oh my friend, it never ends does it? Being a Mother is the hardest "job" in the world and there is always something to feel guilt about.

You have done an incredible job of carrying these babies and they WILL be strong, you have the big guy on your side! ;)

Lots of love and hugs, email me if you want to chat more...

Mar 20 2010 08:12 AM
AH - you have done and are doing everything you can to ensure the healthiest start for these two little boys. You have done great and they are two of the luckiest little guys around. My nephew was 6 weeks early and in the NICU for a couple weeks but he is the most normal healthy 3 year old you could know now. My husband is a twin and he was less than 3 lbs at birth and he is pretty great at 32 (they didn't know he was in there, thought it was a singleton pregnancy and he had to have a blood transfusion immediately after being born because he was in there for 30 minutes before the doctors discovered him). Babies seem so fragile but they are strong little fighters and your little guys will be too.

I understand you are frightened even though the logical side of you tells you not to be. Emotions are powerful things that overtake rational thought but just keep telling yourself that the doctors know what they're doing and please don't blame yourself, you've done so well.

I'm so excited for you AH!!!
Your boys will be fine... I can understand the worry, but you are far enough along and if the doctors were really worried, they would have delivered you by now... keep up the good thoughts and vibes... they will be here very soon and in your arms... thinking of you and sending my prayers and positive energies your way. Looking forward to seeing the birth announcement and pics!
*hugs you tight*

Bella16 is going through something similar...she is pregnant with a singleton and has IUGR too...maybe PM her...

Thinking of you and your miracle boys!!!!

XO hun
Lots of love and hugs, you did amazingly well!! So excited for you to meet your little miracles!! All will be well sweetie.
Fingers crossed for you and your munchkins.

You have done an incredible job.

Mar 20 2010 03:39 PM
everything is crossed

AH - Megan is right, I'm in the same shoes... kinda. I'll PM you...or it's gonna be a damn long post in here LOL

I hope all goes well! :flowers:
Mar 21 2010 10:59 AM
Thinking of you and the miracle boys....we are all sending positive vibes your way!

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