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Unthinkably Good Things...


1,000 times thank you...

Posted by Anotherhopeful , 07 August 2009 · 433 views

I have been just overwhelmed by the lovely comments and well wishes I have received over the last 24 hours from all of you.I can't tell you how special it has been to feel the support and love of so many women that I don't know IRL, but who I do somehow know in a truly intimate way through this website and through our shared experiences.That you w...


Beta 125 - 12dp2dt!!!!!!!

Posted by Anotherhopeful , 06 August 2009 · 2710 views

Oh my goodness what a day!!!!!I ended up going for the beta this morning and had really hoped (and expected) to hear my result by 3:30 pm today (about 10 minutes ago) when the nurses go home for the day but alas, no call.  I sent an email to my RE but didn’t really expect a response from her as she is getting ready to go on holiday tom...


Thoughts at 3:50 am...

Posted by Anotherhopeful , 05 August 2009 · 672 views

I have been mostly absent from these boards over the last almost 2 weeks.  This two week wait has been a strangely disconnected time for me.  With all of the hiccups during the active part of the cycle, I entered the 2WW emotionally exhausted, and feeling without energy to engage in the 24/7 constant worry that characterized my first IVF cycle.Largely I c...


Keep the faith...

Posted by Anotherhopeful , 25 July 2009 · 441 views

The six became three.  Three of our six embryos fertilized normally, and each of the three survived the night and were this morning placed back inside of me.  Within me right now is a 6 cell B+, a 5 cell B and a 4 cell B embryo.  Although we didn't achieve an "A" grade this time (last time there was a single A-, but it was only 4 cells at the...


6 little eggs...

Posted by Anotherhopeful , 23 July 2009 · 745 views

Medical science was able to coax 6 little eggs out of me at ER this morning.  Unfortunately, I won't know until tomorrow afternoon the number that were mature, or the number that they were able to fertilize through ICSI.  I am feeling frightened in my groggy stupor this afternoon (I slept from after ER until about 15 minutes ago).  Last round we had 1...



Posted by Anotherhopeful , 21 July 2009 · 839 views

I have just received the call from my clinic with instructions to inject my HCG trigger at 10:30 pm tonight.  Egg retrieval is now firmly set for Thursday, and egg transfer for either Saturday or Sunday, depending upon the number of eggs retrieved.  A very helpful, albeit modest, growth spurt has been a huge blessing; between the right and left ovaries, w...



Posted by Anotherhopeful , 20 July 2009 · 418 views

We continue to limp along in this cycle.   At my fourth ultrasound this morning things are not looking great.  Whatever the solution for scattered development, I wish that we could harness it; perhaps we will next cycle.My right ovary has 3 follicles in range (17.5, 18.5 and 14), with 3 more less than 10. One large one that existed on Saturday had disappe...


Depleted, but not yet defeated…

Posted by Anotherhopeful , 16 July 2009 · 684 views

I would love to report that a miracle landed and that my ultrasound this morning showed radical improvement…but it didn’t.We are still working with 4 follicles in the right ovary.  Growth scattering is worse than it was on Tuesday; the four now measure 15.5, 14, 12.5 and 9.  In the left ovary, two of the three have grown; one to 6.5 and the other to 7, wh...


A poor start...

Posted by Anotherhopeful , 14 July 2009 · 410 views

The ultrasound room is stressful for me; the last time I was there I learned of our miscarriage.  So I was proud of myself today - I felt very calm going into this morning's ultrasound.Unfortunately, the results were not good and I am sitting at work now feeling shattered, crying and trying to pick up the pieces.It appears that the estrogen priming wa...


Notes to self...

Posted by Anotherhopeful , 10 July 2009 · 371 views

Inspired by Mollygirl, whose journey through IVF#2 has been nothing short of inspiring [BREAKING NEWS!!!  MOLLYGIRL IS PREGNANT!!!  CONGRATULATIONS MOLLY!!!], and with the encouragement of my ever-patient counselor, I am writing a letter to myself today, from this place of “relative” sanity before hormones flood my perc...

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