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I am grateful for..............

Posted by tigerlady , 11 October 2010 · 1822 views

Thanksgiving always make think of gratitude. I really should think of it daily, but sometimes you take for granted the little things and its the little things that brighten my life so often.

I am grateful for:

My beautiful daughter, she is a precious gift. I cherish each minute I get to spend with her

for the love i receive and am able to give

for my husband

for the friends I have, I have 5 close friends i have known and remained close with for about 20-30 years! That is amazing!

For the striving business i own



food, lots of really good food!

that i will be able to have another chance at IVF

that i have choices

my lovey dovey cuddly cat


I could on and on and on...... I just find sometimes I take things for granted! I got in a car accident last week, it was awful but i could have been alot worse! I came out of it ok, some whiplash and a sore arm and shoulder. It really scared me. What if something worse had happened? What if Shelby was left without a mom, what a horrid thought. It really made me value my life and the wonderful things I have been given. I have a beautiful family and life :-) I keep having dreams about the accident. I think it scared me more than I thought. Just the thought that in one moment, your whole life can change! I am so lucky! I feel grateful that I am alive, well and happy!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving with their loved ones! I had a beautiful dinner yesterday. I did up a turkey yesterday for my Mom. My friend has a farm and had given us a pile of turkeys last week, it was sooooooooooo good! I am so grateful to have that opportunity to have fresh eggs and meat and I know where they came from ;-)

About Shelby.... She turned one on Sept 17! What a ride this year has been! There has been so many ups and downs, challenges and rewards. I read another fellow blogger this morning and brought me back to the beginning. The early days of a newborn, the sleep deprivation and the tears....etc. I had forgottten. How beautiful to be reminded, thank you! It was so awful at the time to be so tired, feeling like you cant do it, crying and crying, feeling like you don't even know who you are anymore and scared you will never be the same again..... Funny,,, I long for those days back. I felt like i was in a bubble sperated from society!
Shelby is starting to talk, she says mama dada, baba, whats that?, chopper ( my cats name), nana and few other things. She is walking holding on to stuff, will sometimes stand unassisted. She is learning so rapidly now. It is so neat to watch her discover and explore. She figures out how things work. She is at the copcat stage, she laughs or coughs when you do. She tries to repeat things you say, but it comes out totally different haha. She really is a card. She makes me laugh so much! I have included some updated pics

Attached Image: 111.jpg

Attached Image: 11556.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving!
What a little cutie! Happy Thanksgiving!
welcome back
What a beautiful post. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
She is very cute! Happy Thanksgiving!
Lovely blog entry! Your daughter is gorgeous!
Very nice entry. I hope you did have a Happy Thanksgiving! Mirella will be 1 this Friday. I cannot believe how fast they grow! Shelby is adorable.


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