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Posted by tigerlady , 14 July 2010 · 1904 views

I had a bizarre visit today to a local little wee "country" hospital. I thought I would skipped the long wait times at the usual hospital I go to! Anytime you are pregnant and have RH neg blood ( and a hubby with positve) and you have a bleed of any sort including a miscarriage, then you need to get a shot. It protects future pregnancies. It stops my body from building anti-bodies. Anywho, my RE just said pop into emerg and get it, its only carried in emerg as its a blood product. Generally no matter what paper work you have, the hospital always draws yer bloood to make sure you are in fact RH Neg.

This hospital was weird, they asked me if I brought my own RhoGAM, um no thats why I am here, Do you have a prescription, um nooo thats why I am here. I got a series of questions that led me to think she had no clue. I asked if she preferred I go to another hospital that knows me or if i get a prescription. Finally the doctor says, well I guess i can take yer word on this, you cant get high from Rhogam so we will just give it to you. WTF?? Make me feel like shit! So then they DONT take my blood, they just believe me, and they hand me over a box of RhoGAM and were goign to send me on my way.....I was like UMMMMMMMMMMMM can someone give it to me...as I am not anurse??? LOL finally they gave it to me......... Why does weird stuff always happen to me? I cant beleive they just trusted me. Even in my own hospital where they had my records and I had a baby, they still draw the blood before hand to ensure I am RH neg. How bizarre

bizarro that they'd just give you the package and assume you'd know how to do it!!! lol.
Same thing happened to me. I had a "chemical pregnancy" and the nurse at my clinic said "just go to the emergency let them know what you're there for and they'll give you the shot". So off I went and ended up getting the run around for 3 hours until a nurse felt sorry for me, called my RE who faxed a prescription and she gave it to me.
nervus optimist
Jul 14 2010 01:19 PM
so weird!!! when I went they tested my blood to make sure that I hadn't already built up the antibodies, in which case it would be too late for the rhogam to be effective. I don't understand why such a simple thing is such rocket science for them.

so sorry you're going through all of this.
that is really bizarre, with my last doctor, I TOLD them I was RH negative and needed rhogam, and they wouldn't give it to me until they had confirmed my blood type. and to make sure I hadn't built up antibodies already.
Thats exactly what usually happens to me too. So strange that they just handed it over to me
At the hospital in Mississauga they have a clinic for the shot. I had to get a prescription for it and bring it there. They didn't take my blood they just gave it to me. I would have hated to wait in emerg. for it. (I am paranoid about catching something from the waiting room LOL) I am glad that they gave it to you eventually!


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