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Dear God...I really need a miracle!

Posted by tigerlady , 30 June 2010 · 2380 views

So if you have been following my IVF you know that:

1. I transferred 2 awesome eggs in! :rolleyes:

2. Got a faint positive line on 10dp3dt

3. a darker line the next day followed by some brown spotting

4. I then bled heavily - My beta was only 75 - June 17

5. Bled for 3-4 days

6. Beta were VERY slow to rise By June 28 they were 420

7. Nothing was showing in the uterus via ultrasound - they were suspecting ectopic

8. Momday they saw a very small sac in the uterus, didnt know what it was, maybe fluid

9. Today my HCG went from 420 on Monday to 800 today, so doubling normal now! The sac grew 2mm! Today is 5w5or6d - nuttin in the sac

10. They said there is a chance this is viable.......... WHAT A CRAZY TRAIN

I am not naive nor do I live in a fantasy land... but he said maybe. Like what are the odds? Anyone hear of this? Anyone????

I need some prayers now :-)

Thanks for all of your loving support!

OH and GOD,,,one more thing.,,,please make me stop GOOGLING!


BIG HUGS and Prayers, Fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!

I have no advice. I'll just pray really hard that your little embie is a fighter and that you'll have a happy and healthy 9 months!
I am praying for you Anne!!
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I grant you, it sounds weird - but hey I'll take a "maybe viable" for right now - it ain't over till...

Good luck!
WOW!! What a ride!! I pray that it was just a slow starter and you in fact, have a healthy little bean in there!! Lots of love sweet Anne!!
I have no idea, but I am totally keeping my fingers crossed for you and praying that this works out, as long as your beta is going up and something is in the uterus, it could be viable. GOOD LUCK!
Never heard anything like it but it sound like you have yourself a MIRACLE!!!!

I am praying very hard for you and keeping everything crossed!!!!
thinking of you and sending miracles your way... maybe!! Wouldn't that be awesome!!! Wow!!
Praying that your maybe turns into a for sure!!!!
Wishing you all of the luck and prayers! It's been a roller coaster for sure- hopefully that is one heck of a fighter in there!
sendingmiracles to you! :Emoticons09780:
Jun 30 2010 02:01 PM
You are in my thoughts and prayers :Emoticons09780:
Jun 30 2010 02:01 PM
Holy CRAP! I GOT GOOSEBUMPS READING THIS! I am praying and crossing everything for you! May you get your miracle! :Emoticons09780:
Thanks sooooooooooo much ladies! I love you all!:Emoticons09780:
Anne, I've never heard of this either but I really hope it all works out in the end. Seems to me your bean has fought through so much and has a chance of making it. Good luck :Emoticons09780:
That is CRAZEEEEEE! Nothing is impossible. I saw a show once called "I didn't know I was pregnant" or something like that on TLC about a British woman who "miscarried" after IVF but then later down the road found out she was 7 months pregnant. All they could figure was that both embies that were transferred implanted but one miscarried and one survived. Perhaps you have a twin that is hanging on? I will say lots of prayers for you, doll.
Dreaming- Thats what they said too, might have bled out the one embie and and the second implanted?
Ever Hopeful
Jun 30 2010 02:37 PM
Ohh my goodness girl, nobody should have to go through so much.
I realy hope things work out to make it all worth it somehow
Well, let's go with that theory until we are proven wrong! :-)
if theres a baby in there, it will be worth all the headache and heartache! :Emoticons09780:


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