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Posted by tigerlady , 06 June 2010 · 2783 views

Wow when you write it out like that, its really discouraging.. this 2ww is going to be torture! I am having so much difficulty looking after Shelby. I have mild OHHS, so I am uncomfortable and sore and tired, well you know how it is. How did you other mothers cope with IVF/2ww/pregnancy while having an infant (shes 9 months now). I know I am not the only one on here who is nuts to try this soon! I am kinda wishing I waited till she can walk, but hindsight is 20/20, I am sure I would have another complaint then. I am so nervous of making the ohhs worse or hurting my chances of getting pregnant. DH is helping some, but NOT ENOUGH! I guess people get pregnant all the time while lugging infants, my embies are probably fine, perhaps its just my ovaries.

The transfer went well , we put in 2! 8 cell Grade 4 and a 8 cell grade 3.5! The last pregnancy we put in a 8 cell grade 3.5 and a 3, so much better this round! That was very encouraging. The doc said I would be a good candidate for a single embryo transfer. I declined. I don't know why. I dont want twins. I accept the risk. I guess I just still want to have the best chance! We had a singleton off the last pair. I shall find out if the remaining 2 made it too blast! That would be exciting!

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Wooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo!!! CONGRATS! I got my BFP this round from a 6 cell.... could you imagine if they both took?

I completly understand though, I already had twins and still put back (2) 6 celled and (1) 4 celled, deciding to accept the "risk"!

I will be counting down the days with you!!!


And if it makes you feel any better... in my 2 ww I was chasing a 15 month old and twin 3.6 year olds... hahahhaa, at least Shelby can't move that fast yet :)

Hang in there Anne. Head to the cabin/trailor and read a good book or two. Wishing you all the best.
K- That does make me feel better! Luggin her around ( 26 pounds) is making me so sore and tired! My ovaries hurt to sneeze LOL I hope it works!!!
Just try to relax and have some fun. I know thats easier said then done though! LOL and, i'd jinx you and joke about them splitting into twins/triplets, but you might throw a shoe at my head. :)
LMAO Kajira LOL twins i could cope..maybe,,,,but triplets!!!!!!!!!! NO
We have the same birthday :-)
Wishing you the best of luck! :)
Good luck as you count down the dreaded 2ww! Shelby will keep you busy this time though!! : )
Sticky vibes... I would have done the same to transfer 2 embies... I think OFC is trying to improve their stats on 1 embie transfer... they can do that when they start paying for everything... I hope DH will take up more to help you out!!
Good luck. I teach at an elementary school and had to pick stuff up. Also one of my 8 year olds got stuck on a play structure during 2WW and I had to carry her down and I got a BFP. I just rested whenever I could.
I am only 11 weeks with my first pregnancy but DH and I have already planned to transfer 2 embies when are babino is 9 months. I'm looking forward to following your story...I predict twins! :) :) ;)
Thanks everyone!
Jun 07 2010 06:21 AM
All the best to you as you wait this tortuous wait! :)

Wishing you much success, Anne!!!


Me 35 DH 52 TTC #1 3 Years2 Ectopic, one tube removed one blocked.. many miscariages and grief later1 Laparotomy, 1 LaprascopyIVF#1Dec 9, 2008 start BCP Dec 20,2008 Start Suprefact Jan 2, 2009 start Puregon.... 23 Follicles, 20 growingER: Jan 14 Thank god that's over with!!!!!! 11 Eggs retrieved - 9 Fertilized YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!ET - Jan 17 930 am - transferred 2 8cell grade 3.5 embryos,,, 2 to Freeze :-)) 2ww ----longest wait of my life!!!!!!! BFP on HPTS!!!!Beta Jan 28- 113 Beta Jan 30- 339 Beta Feb 2- 1570DUE DATE Oct 8, 2009First OB- March 30 - HB 150! So amazing1st u/s- Feb 9 One baby!2nd u/s Feb 20 143 HB! All is well, no more trips to OFC!3rd u/s MAY 12 -------> Whats it gonna be? boy or girl??

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