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Posted by tigerlady , 26 March 2010 · 681 views

Update about my upcoming IVF - Been waiting for AF so I can do the BW and u/s. Well she came five days early again this month, so I will be going this weekend for my tests :-) Follow up is on April 15...soooooooooooo we will go from there! Hopefully my baseline is still good. Fingers crossed!! I am feeling nervous!

My cycles the last couple months have been 23 and 24 days... I am generally a textbook 28 day cycle. Maybe its just irregular because of post birth? Who knows? Anyone else experience that?

Shelbys got 2 teeth!!!!!!! Yay!! Her blog -------->

My sister is coming this weekend to be with us! She is still homeless! I am collecting toys for her boys from here and there and some stuff for her teen daughter :-) Today I am going to make a GIANT spaghetti to feed everyone :-)

Thats about it with me,,,,, the only other news is maybe work...hehe as you can see its the farthest thing from my mind, although it should really be on the forefront. My business is growing in leaps and bounds!! It really needs me, I have been working from home and goin in once in awhile with Shelby, I dont feel ready to pass her over to a babysitter :-( :-( :-(

Good luck with your appt :th_acheerlead:

I am sure your sister will love the dinner - How is she doing??

She is coping :-) Staying strong for the kids!
Sending prayers to your sisters way!! I just can't imagine what she is going through.

Wishing you all the best for your appointment!!

Good Fortune
Mar 26 2010 08:02 AM
You sound like Superwoman, and so does your sister.

I giant spaghetti! Wow, that's enough to warm anybody's soul.
I'm so excited for your next round!
All the best...glad to hear things are going well with your business and hopefully IVF#2 will be just #1.... good luck!
Mar 26 2010 01:56 PM
it is very exciting to see you're doing a second round. I can't wait to here about the results!


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