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Where do I start?

Posted by tigerlady , 18 March 2010 · 563 views

Good news first!

1. My little munchkin turned 6 months yesterday!! She's growing up so fast! She has doc appt Friday so I will update then with her stats, but she is roughly 22 pounds and 2.5 feet tall,,can you believe it? She can just about sit up on her own, she rolls sometimes! She has begun to cut a tooth on the bottom right. She has been miserable but is starting to feel better,...i think? She is so active now, you can see her constantly looking around and tryin to grab and eat everything. She is interested in everything! She just loves animals! She loves cats, dogs, horses,,, you name it! They make her giggle out loud.,,so cute! Her hair is getting so incredibly long! Her eyes are still big and blue and beautiful!!

2. Went to see the RE yesterday!! They just loved Shelby! I brought them a picture for their brag board! They couldn't beleive the size of her! hee hee. Real good news, we have started the ball rolling for IVF#2, we have some tests to update and we are probably going to cycle in May, June at the latest I think. Not too bad, we just need to update our infectious disease bw, basleine u/s and SA. Not too shabby! Did the ol cervical exam yesterday! Its funny, after going thru IVF then having a baby...your just not shy anymore about those things,,all dignity you had,,is gone LOL I had such mixed emotions entering the building! My heart was pounding,. I remember all the fear and anxiety I once felt sitting in those waiting rooms! All for the good :-) Hopefully our luck will continue

Not so happy.....

1. Todays marks the 6 year anniversary of my Fathers death, and damnit I am sad, sadder than most years, I have this beautiful beaultiful little girl that he will never ever meet. I am so sad :-(

2. My poor sister in Montreal has lost her home. It burned to the ground leaving her and her 3 kids homeless :-( What a tragedy! She does have some insurance, but you cant replace everything, I am so sad for her. We are sending her some money and have extended our home for them. Red cross helped them out last night. She has a 17 year old, an autistic 13 yr old and a 5 year old. My heart is just breaking for them. I am waiting for her to call this morning to see how she is today and see what her plans are and how we can help. Its so awful! So i just spoke with her,,, it was a cooking fire and nothing is salvageable and they lost their cat but everyone is ok

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I'm very sorry about you sister. That is terrible.
Mar 18 2010 08:31 AM
Anne - congrats on all your good news, especially moving forward for the next IVF. I'm so sorry about your sister's house, what a horrible loss and so close to another sad anniversary for her. I hope the insurance will cover their expenses while they are without a place to live and at least pay to replace the building and contents but obviously some items are irreplaceable. I'm sure she's counting her blessings that everyone is safe.
Anne I am so sorry to hear about your sister!! She and her children is in my thoughts and prayers!!
So sorry:(
I am very happy for your good news, but the sad news is heartbreaking...Is there something we can do for your sister? I feel horrible...and the poor cat :Emoticons09710:
My family is getting some money together for her and they are suppose to come stay with me this weekend! Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers


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