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Everything happens for a reason!

Posted by tigerlady , 20 February 2010 · 683 views

I read a fellow blogger's (Dreaming) entry tonite and it really made me start to think! I am so grateful that I found this site too! It makes me feel like I belong! I know that when I first came here, it was out of desperation, fear, lonliness, anxiety and need for hope! Since I have made alot friends and gained alot of insight along the way! The biggest thing I have found here is that I belong. I have a home :-) I moved on to IVF, I was one of the lucky people who were successful on the first try, and I had a beautiful daughter! I questioned whether I belonged here or not? Would others accept me now that I have a child, would I just be hurting people? Truth is I belong here more than ever now! I see other Moms and I go to playgroups, but I never feel like I totally belong with them :-) Like in the beginning of my pregnancy, I tried to join a forum for regular preggo people, you know the ones that got accidentally pregnant or preg on the first try...I didn't belong. They didnt understand my courage, my fears and my strength and how long I waited for this child! You guys accept me!

Strange how things work out too. When I was first diagnosed -- unable to have children..it was like the world was crashing down. I wanted to armour myself with knowledge. I saw an ad on Kijiji to buy some books on IF. I went to her house to pick them up and she had piles of books, and pregnancy books. I was really saddened, she explained how they were ready to give up, 4 IVFs here in Canada, 1 in the US, and a huge debt, no child and overwhelming saddness. She wished me luck, and i was so fresh and certain that IVF would work for me, she never once discouraged me, she encouraged me and picked me up,,, why was she picking me up?? It was her at her end. Well ... a happy ending.. We kept in touch an email here and there, I felt a bond with her right away! I got pregnant, the same time she was picking up her beautiful son she adopted! 6 week old handsome little boy! Talk about Karma! We now both had this beautiful news to share with each other. All because of IF and the books, I made a freindship and I am going to a playdate this week with her! Those books and our connection brought me far, I wanted to pass that on,,, I passed them on to a fellow IVF.Ca friend in hopes that she can benefit from them like I did. Anyways, I am not really sure where I was going with this, I just wanted to say I am happy to be here and I am happy all of you are here! If you follow my blogs, you probably already know I am a scatterbrain, I think I have ADD or something LOL My mind is one place, am typing another!

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

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Well said Anne, it is so nice to see that you feel this way. Thanks for being here and for everything you do.
Yes Anne, a BEAUTIFUL entry! I too think it is VERY important for us Mothers to stick around! We are living proof that IF can be conquered, IVF can work, and even sometimes on the 1st try ':) Maybe sometimes it is painful for some to hear about our children because they are still suffering immensily, but I hope overall that our experiences with cycling, clinics, pregnancy then Motherhood might help and lift them when they need it.

She is gorgeous! Congrats on your 1st timers success!

Oh -what a gorgeous baba :)
Thank you Ladies and Rick :-)
Feb 21 2010 12:10 AM
a wonderful entry - thank you!
I am so grateful for the women on this site who have knowledge and experience and are available to answer questions. I would be lost, stressed and anxious without the Markham girls. While quite a few of these girls have recently got BFPs they have continued to be available to offer support, reassurance and guidance. I would have been really sad if they had "disappeared" after they were successful.

I'm grateful for a place to belong. I got together with a group of my friends from highschool tonight and while those relationships are very important to me none of them will ever understand this portion of my journey. Sometimes its nice to connect with other women who completely understand what you are going through.
What a nice entry, I love happy endings :)
So true - this site is our home...I love it :)
Thank you for posting this lovely entry. It touched me.

Feb 21 2010 12:22 PM
Lovely storey...thank you for sharing and beginning my day with a smile.
Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful little bub!!!!!
Thank you so much for this post and for staying an active member on ivf.ca! You offer so much support and hope for all of us.

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! :)


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