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They called already!!

Posted by tigerlady , 08 February 2010 · 564 views

So I think I mentioned before that I asked my family doctor for a referral back to OFC so we can plan another baby for the summer. Last time it took them 4 months to call, they called me today!! WTF? That was less than a week! I haven't called them back yet, I am not sure what to do now! Maybe I will just go and let them know when I am hoping to be pregnant, and go from there. Wow, caught me off guard! I wonder if I will have to repeat anything besides bloodwork and baseline u/s. I cant believe that I am even thinking about this at all. I dont know if i should do a fresh or FET,,,I dunno what to do. I have 2 embryos on ice, but they werent the best quality. Decisions Decisions!

Shelby is doing soooo wonderful now!! Thank you Nutrimagin!! She is sleeping like a champ, no gas!! I am sooo happy she is feeling better! We are back into the solids now and no troubles!! Happy baby = Happy Mama!! I feel a lot less stressed now! I have also decided that I will go back to work ( I am self-employed) one day a week! It will get me out of the house and some adult/work time, and then the rest of the week with my princess! I just got to find someone to look after her! Thats a big problem,.,, I feel like I dont trust anyone! How do people find day care? How do you screen them? I feel so stressed about leaving her with a stranger!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! Baby dust to all!!


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Shelby is a doll! Just adorable!! Too bad the good caregivers didn't have visible angel wings! They are out there though! Good luck!
Happy that baby is settled down with new formula.

REFERENCEs are the key. Only believe happy customers and your GUT INSTINCT. Best wishes finding your babycare.
WOOHOO for a summer pregnancy!!!
Shelby is adorable as always

Feb 09 2010 09:55 AM
My RE called too and I head back in May to start the process of an October FET.

I would say this about finding a babysitter, while references are great to ask for they are likely only going to give you the name of someone that will give them a glowing rating.
My suggestion would be to google them and see if you can locate them on Facebook.
You can tell alot about someone by their pictures and groups etc ...
Its so scary I know, once you find someone pop in unannounced a lot.
Also (and I dont know if you are comfortable with it) let them know during the interview that you will/have a nanny cam in the house, their reaction should give you some guess as to your comfort level and they may be on their best behavior because they dont know where it is or when you are watching.
When you find a great caregiver you will be thankful.
We have had some great ones, some ok ones and even one that I flat out said "dont come back" to.
It's a good feeling to return to work and get some adult time, g/l finding daycare, you could ask around or go visiting daycares just pop in and see what they are all about. Your so right Happy baby = Happy Mama! Glad dd has adjusted to her formula.


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