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So tired...

Posted by tigerlady , 06 May 2009 · 315 views

The last few days, I cannot stop crying.  Its like this overwhelming sadness and I dont know why.  I keep chalking it up to hormones.  Do others cry for days?  I find it so easy to lay that blame for everything LOL  I have a headache, oh must be hormones.... cranky and unapproachable,.,,,oh must be hormones!  haha   I have been very tired.  I find mys...


Feeling good

Posted by tigerlady , 04 May 2009 · 323 views

Is there such thing as too good!  In the same breath I was saying I feel so good, my mind immediately goes to...I am feeling good something must be wrong.  I don't feel pregnant anymore lol   I am finally a little more active, a little less sick, my BB's aren't killing, I don't feel so much tickles in my gut.... something must be wrong...


My fears......Ridiculous?

Posted by tigerlady , 01 May 2009 · 419 views

I have something I kinda wanted to get off my chest.  Bugging me :-)  Gawd,,, i feel stupid even posting this. I think (not entirely positive), that regular fertile women, when they get pregnant ---> they have fears!  I have read that it is a normal occurrence.  They fear what kind of mother they will be?  Is the baby going to be ok?  and then the...


Lazy day

Posted by tigerlady , 30 April 2009 · 394 views

I am home from work today.  I dont even know how to say this politely!  I had a date with a bottle of prune juice last night!  LOL  Yeah,,,I dont know if others have this problem, but its been a loooonnnggg time since i have a real BM! I was so embarassed at the store, you'd think after IVF and infertlity tests, your dignity is already gon...



Posted by tigerlady , 29 April 2009 · 284 views

Good Morning :-)Well its almost 10am! I am already exhausted.  My day starts very early, about 5ish.  I went to the gym about 7ish, did 20 mins on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the treadmill, well that about finished me off!  I know that's bad!  I did manage to twist my back somehow, thankfully a few blocks from my gym is my chiropracto...


17 weeks already!!!!

Posted by tigerlady , 28 April 2009 · 523 views

I cant believe I am 17 weeks pregnant already!  Where did the time go?I should have started blogging a long time ago!  I kept a paper journal throughout my IVF, maybe I will add it here after!   I find it really neat to look back at!  How I felt emotionally and physically! What a roller coaster!This is a really really exciting time...


No miracle this time

Posted by tigerlady , 29 November 1999 · 286 views

I went in for another ultrasound and bw today. The HCG is still rising. The sac didn't grow in two days. Its still empty. They are saying now its not viable and this sac could be a pseudo sac and I could still have an ectopic. Man when will this end. Another ultrasound on Monday and I meet with my own doctor. God please let this end so I can move on :...


Me 35 DH 52 TTC #1 3 Years2 Ectopic, one tube removed one blocked.. many miscariages and grief later1 Laparotomy, 1 LaprascopyIVF#1Dec 9, 2008 start BCP Dec 20,2008 Start Suprefact Jan 2, 2009 start Puregon.... 23 Follicles, 20 growingER: Jan 14 Thank god that's over with!!!!!! 11 Eggs retrieved - 9 Fertilized YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!ET - Jan 17 930 am - transferred 2 8cell grade 3.5 embryos,,, 2 to Freeze :-)) 2ww ----longest wait of my life!!!!!!! BFP on HPTS!!!!Beta Jan 28- 113 Beta Jan 30- 339 Beta Feb 2- 1570DUE DATE Oct 8, 2009First OB- March 30 - HB 150! So amazing1st u/s- Feb 9 One baby!2nd u/s Feb 20 143 HB! All is well, no more trips to OFC!3rd u/s MAY 12 -------> Whats it gonna be? boy or girl??

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