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Can't think of a title ;-)

Posted by tigerlady , 28 April 2010 · 557 views

I am fastly approaching my next IVF. I am day 2 of my BCP and looking at a retreival at the end of May. I sit here and reflect. Scattered. I have been a basket case lately. Yes, Shelby has been very sick and I haven't gotten much sleep, but there's more. As we get closer and closer to this IVF, I am feeling really stressed. Why? You think i would...


Day 3 of daycare and visit to the RE

Posted by tigerlady , 15 April 2010 · 461 views

The Bad news -I am still a wreck. I still miss her. I am still constantly worrying. I worry about crazy things like,,, is that lady a kidnapper? Is she hurting my child? What if they are pervs? Man, am I being irrationale?? Just a tad... How long till I feel better? I didn't cry so much today, but it sure feels soooo awful when I drop her off. I feel...


Daycare :-(

Posted by tigerlady , 14 April 2010 · 615 views

Who would have thought this would be so hard. I feel broken. I feel empty. I miss her so much. I really hope it gets easier faster. Its only day 2. I try so hard to hold back the tears as I drop her off, as soon as I get to the car and i just flooded with tears. Yesterday I was at the dentist and they asked where my baby was....well I just broke down ball...


I am a mom!

Posted by tigerlady , 09 April 2010 · 827 views

I have had almost 7 months to reflect on my new role in life. I am a Mother. I never thought I would be a mother. I often used to fantasize about what it would be like to have another human refer to me as Mother, their caregiver, the person whom their whole world revolves around. But it always seemed like such a fantasy from a far away place. Wikipedia sa...


This and that

Posted by tigerlady , 26 March 2010 · 661 views

Update about my upcoming IVF - Been waiting for AF so I can do the BW and u/s. Well she came five days early again this month, so I will be going this weekend for my tests :-) Follow up is on April 15...soooooooooooo we will go from there! Hopefully my baseline is still good. Fingers crossed!! I am feeling nervous! My cycles the last coupl...


Where do I start?

Posted by tigerlady , 18 March 2010 · 545 views

Good news first! 1. My little munchkin turned 6 months yesterday!! She's growing up so fast! She has doc appt Friday so I will update then with her stats, but she is roughly 22 pounds and 2.5 feet tall,,can you believe it? She can just about sit up on her own, she rolls sometimes! She has begun to cut a tooth on the bottom right. S...


Everything happens for a reason!

Posted by tigerlady , 20 February 2010 · 652 views

I read a fellow blogger's (Dreaming) entry tonite and it really made me start to think! I am so grateful that I found this site too! It makes me feel like I belong! I know that when I first came here, it was out of desperation, fear, lonliness, anxiety and need for hope! Since I have made alot friends and gained alot of insight along t...


March will be a busy month!

Posted by tigerlady , 11 February 2010 · 471 views

Well its official, we are going back to OFC for a consult March 17! Thats Saint Patricks Day, my brothers bday and Shelby will be 6 months! What a wonderful day! We are going to discuss FET vs Fresh and make a game plan for the summer! I am so excited to get this ball rolling again but on the other hand I am scared! Its going to be a l...


They called already!!

Posted by tigerlady , 08 February 2010 · 542 views

So I think I mentioned before that I asked my family doctor for a referral back to OFC so we can plan another baby for the summer. Last time it took them 4 months to call, they called me today!! WTF? That was less than a week! I haven't called them back yet, I am not sure what to do now! Maybe I will just go and let them know when I am...


Feel better today!

Posted by tigerlady , 04 February 2010 · 556 views

Finally! I do believe the Nutrimagin is working! She ate less, there was no need to gobble and gobble and gobble trying to get nourishment and then throwing up. She ate less, was less frantic in between feeedings. You see before, I would feed her 8oz and she was looking for more within an hour. In a day I was feeding her over 45oz!! Thats...


Me 35 DH 52 TTC #1 3 Years2 Ectopic, one tube removed one blocked.. many miscariages and grief later1 Laparotomy, 1 LaprascopyIVF#1Dec 9, 2008 start BCP Dec 20,2008 Start Suprefact Jan 2, 2009 start Puregon.... 23 Follicles, 20 growingER: Jan 14 Thank god that's over with!!!!!! 11 Eggs retrieved - 9 Fertilized YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!ET - Jan 17 930 am - transferred 2 8cell grade 3.5 embryos,,, 2 to Freeze :-)) 2ww ----longest wait of my life!!!!!!! BFP on HPTS!!!!Beta Jan 28- 113 Beta Jan 30- 339 Beta Feb 2- 1570DUE DATE Oct 8, 2009First OB- March 30 - HB 150! So amazing1st u/s- Feb 9 One baby!2nd u/s Feb 20 143 HB! All is well, no more trips to OFC!3rd u/s MAY 12 -------> Whats it gonna be? boy or girl??

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