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I am grateful for..............

Posted by tigerlady , 11 October 2010 · 1981 views

Thanksgiving always make think of gratitude.  I really should think of it daily, but sometimes you take for granted the little things and its the little things that brighten my life so often. I am grateful for:My beautiful daughter, she is a precious gift.  I cherish each minute I get to spend with her for the love i receive and am able to givefor my husb...



Posted by tigerlady , 14 July 2010 · 2097 views

I had a bizarre visit today to a local little wee "country" hospital.  I thought I would skipped the long wait times at the usual hospital I go to!   Anytime you are pregnant and have RH neg blood ( and a hubby with positve) and you have a bleed of any sort including a miscarriage, then you need to get a shot.  It protects future pregnancies....


Quick Update

Posted by tigerlady , 09 July 2010 · 2488 views

It looks like perhaps it was just an abnormal inuteriune pregnancy afterall!!  Hooray!  I am miscarrying right now!  Hopefully my HCG will go down quickly.  They are going to monitor my hcg closely until its 0.  Finally!  I am glad its going to be over soon!  He said once my HCG is 0, i have to have one normal period after that and...


Still feeling like a mess, but i can see the light at the end of the tunnell

Posted by tigerlady , 08 July 2010 · 1841 views

I called my doctor back yesterday and let them know the second dose of,,,,,,,i forget the name now, the stuff to make me miscarry, has not worked and wondered if they would give me a new prescription.  But they didn't.  They just told me to keep my u/s appt on friday and see the doc and go from there. Like really???? Feels so pointless to keep having...


My nightmare continues............

Posted by tigerlady , 05 July 2010 · 2898 views

So after giving me that glimmer of hope last Wednesday, I went in Friday and the "sac" or fluid collection had not grown and yet my Betas continue to rise.  I went in today and the sac still did not grow, and my betas conitinue to rise.  The doctor finally decided to give me Misoprostol ( i wont take Methatrexite) to induce uterine contractions an...


Dear God...I really need a miracle!

Posted by tigerlady , 30 June 2010 · 2672 views

So if you have been following my IVF you know that:1. I  transferred 2 awesome eggs in!  :rolleyes:2. Got a faint positive line on 10dp3dt3. a darker line the next day followed by some brown spotting4.  I then bled heavily - My beta was only 75 - June 175.  Bled for 3-4 days6. Beta were VERY slow to rise  By June 28 they were 4207. Nothing was showing...


Roller Coaster

Posted by tigerlady , 22 June 2010 · 2027 views

I have had a really bad day.  I went to work, why I am not sure.  I am soo sore.  I have stabbing pain on my left side.  I am sure its ectopic now.  Pain on one side, betas that dont double, low progestrone, it all leads to ectopic.  This will be my third!!  What a pain in the ass.  My last one ruptured and I don't want that again, I am terrif...


Thoughts Of Becoming A Mother

Posted by tigerlady , 10 June 2010 · 1183 views

Something I have read here before, dont know who wrote it, i just hijacked it from the internetThoughts Of Becoming A MotherThere are women that become mothers without effort, without thought,  without patience or loss and though they are good mothers and love their  children, I know I will be betterI will be better not because of genetics or money or tha...



Posted by tigerlady , 06 June 2010 · 3060 views

Wow when you write it out like that, its really discouraging.. this 2ww is going to be torture!  I am having so much difficulty looking after Shelby.  I have mild OHHS, so I am uncomfortable and sore and tired, well you know how it is.  How did you other mothers cope with IVF/2ww/pregnancy while having an infant (shes 9 months now).  I know I am not t...


ER tomorrow

Posted by tigerlady , 01 June 2010 · 1705 views

I haven't wrote lately. I don't know what is with me, but its like ever since I have been cycling I have felt so distant from the site. I think maybe I have been trying to keep busy as best possible and not over analyze my cycle. So it seems to have worked, it has breezed by. I must say it has been tough while having Shelby. I find her difficult t...


Me 35 DH 52 TTC #1 3 Years2 Ectopic, one tube removed one blocked.. many miscariages and grief later1 Laparotomy, 1 LaprascopyIVF#1Dec 9, 2008 start BCP Dec 20,2008 Start Suprefact Jan 2, 2009 start Puregon.... 23 Follicles, 20 growingER: Jan 14 Thank god that's over with!!!!!! 11 Eggs retrieved - 9 Fertilized YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!ET - Jan 17 930 am - transferred 2 8cell grade 3.5 embryos,,, 2 to Freeze :-)) 2ww ----longest wait of my life!!!!!!! BFP on HPTS!!!!Beta Jan 28- 113 Beta Jan 30- 339 Beta Feb 2- 1570DUE DATE Oct 8, 2009First OB- March 30 - HB 150! So amazing1st u/s- Feb 9 One baby!2nd u/s Feb 20 143 HB! All is well, no more trips to OFC!3rd u/s MAY 12 -------> Whats it gonna be? boy or girl??

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