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Nov 30 Ultrasound to check lining

Posted by shelan , 29 November 2016 · 2549 views

I have been reading the forums and blogs for quite awhile as i go through the process of finding an egg donor,all the appointments,and process in the last year.
I am 42 now and excited to share that we did find a egg donor and she has had the retrieval which was incredible! 32 eggs! 7 stayed immature.6 were not fertilizing normally.Leaving us with 19!
After 5 days we had 9 embryos and they have been frozen.
Kind of shocks me how many dont make it to day 5.
I am having a FET on Dec 9 if my levels and ultrasound all look good Nov 30
Our clinic is Victoria
I am trying to stay low stress but things keep popping up as life just doesnt seem to want to chill out this month! at night we try and watch something light hearted and when things come up i just attempt not do dive into it all so deeply,and let my husband take care of more decisions and things that i can let go of.
So a few days ago i had some light bleeding ,just after a BM.
It didnt last,just a brief maybe one hour episode and i emailed the clinic.They said if it continued it may be a bad sign for this cycle.But it did stop and so i am really hoping that the lining does look good tomorrow.
The estrace has given me dizziness and light headed feelings.
So to help this i take one pill and then an hour later i take the other.It seems to help.
I am really glad i dont have other side effects as i have needed to work and drive every day which isnt good when you are dizzy,Husband has had to come home somedays and drive me into work.
I am supposed to start the endometrin (progesterine) Nov 30.
I am wondering what side effects that will have.
I mean im happy to cope with anything in order to get pregnant,but i am also nervous.
So far so good i tell myself so hopefully the next steps follow this theme.
Does anyone have tips on what to do a week prior to FET and beyond? has anyone had any light bleeding while on estrace?
I am most grateful for this website,sure helps to read other peoples journey.
S.K northern B.C

I did fertility acupuncture prior to FET.  I did it for 3 months, including the day of transfer two sessions (one right before and one right after).


Good luck!

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here is my update...

On Nov 30 my lining was 4 mm

i began vaginal estrace once per day in addition to the oral

My hubby made fresh pressed pomegranate juice that i added to my store bought stuff and i drank 2-3 cups a day plus upped my vitamin E to 1600mg..i bought a new bottle of vit E(webbers) 

then i just hoped for the best as i was retesting on Dec 5!

So today the Dr called and woohoo!! my lining is 7!

they think it will be ready for me to go for it on Dec 12 so that it when my FET will be!!

I honestly had begin to let go of this cycle and just get ready for Christmas and tell myself it is ok,i can try again next month hopefully.

but to get that call today from the Dr was thrilling!

My husband had a more hopeful outlook over those days making the juice for me and just believing in it working out.

So,im planning for the travel now and have to begin the medrol in the morning.I forgot about that one...the pharmasist said it may make me nauseous so i wonder how that will be in the mix of everything else i am taking.

I wish everyone a loving day,where ever you are in the process,this journey is quite something and we all need to remember to be kind to ourselves in the moment.Easier said than done some days but its the little things that add up and do matter.

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All I can say is hang in there.  I finally gave birth to my baby girl after 7 long years of trying.  She was a donor FET and it worked the second time.  The first IVF didn't work with the donor egg and we thought the second time my cycle was really long and I actually thought they might cancel it.  Finally the stars and moons alined and here she is.  So anything is possible!! Keep praying.

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Excited for you.

Wondering how everything went?
Edna J. Curry
Sep 10 2017 02:46 AM

curious how it all turned out.estrace being hormonal is bound to have side effects. The best way to deal with hormonal drugs is to observe a vitamins rich diet from veggetables and fruits.

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