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Posted by Luli , 30 November 2010 · 2037 views

we are home and life is wonderful. DH and I are really enjoying our space. We have decided no visitors for a while. It's so nice to begin our life as a family. Here are a couple of pictures of Isaac.  


He's here!!!!

Posted by Luli , 23 November 2010 · 1326 views

The last couple of weeks have been quite a ride! Two wednesday's ago  I started spotting. The next day more spotting, so I phoned the midwife and went off to hospital. They checked me there and said everything was fine but I should take a shot of celestone to mature the baby's lungs just in case and take a day off work to rest. On the friday,...


Me and my washroom

Posted by Luli , 11 November 2010 · 717 views

So, I have spent many a sad moment staring at the blood on the paper, crying like a baby, cursing. Before I knew I couldn't conceive, i'd be in that position every month, alone, clutching the tissue and crying. After Ivf #1 and #2 and Fet #1, there were two of us in there, tears in our eyes, trying to move on. And to be fair to my washroom, I was...


I think I'm having a baby :)

Posted by Luli , 13 October 2010 · 750 views

Reading Kerrilyn's amazing post has just brought home to me how bizarre the whole IF/pregnancy situation is. I am now 29 weeks pregnant and can remember every second of peeing on that stick and seeing those two lines. Looking and looking again, pacing around, going back, crying, being on my knees and saying thankyou to the universe! When the nurse...


Another big milestone :)

Posted by Luli , 06 August 2010 · 965 views

I had my anatomy ultrasound on monday. It was a bit of a circus! I really wanted to find out the gender, so I asked the technician and she said she couldn't see. But then she couldn't take pictures of the baby's bladder or hands or feet, so she had to get a doctor to help. So, I asked the doctor to check and she said she could see but she...


The thread that joins us.

Posted by Luli , 05 July 2010 · 524 views

I have been reading a book about adopted children from China. One of the things that stuck out in this book for me is idea of the 'red thread' which joins parents to their children. The author of the book says that had she never lost her child, filled out her paper work on a different day etc etc then she never would have adopted the child that sh...


Feeling disjointed

Posted by Luli , 30 June 2010 · 766 views

Today was a weird day. My sister called from England and told me she got a first for her degree, yeah! And also that my 16 year old niece is pregnant, booo! My niece is my brother's daughter, he had her when he was 15 and it's not a huge shock to me that she is pregnant. I suppose I have been waiting for this phone call since she was littl...


Just about to breathe out and then... (pregnancy related)

Posted by Luli , 08 June 2010 · 705 views

Today is my first day without progesterone and estrogen. I have been looking forward to today, mostly because the Smurf knickers look is going out of fashion but also because I thought I would then be able to feel like a 'normal' pregnant person. I was apprehensive about stopping and have been doing the 'spot check' all day and was so plea...


Pregnancy update :)

Posted by Luli , 30 May 2010 · 586 views

I was a bit reluctant to blog about being PG but I thought if I made my title very clear then those people having one of those days that I know so well would know to stay away. I also found hearing about the next leg of the IF journey both heartening and a chance to understand what might be in store for me once I got my here it goes, since getting...


Beta #2

Posted by Luli , 21 April 2010 · 137 views

I did my second and last! Beta today. I can't stand the waiting all day! I woke up and 3am and luckily I have a CD from my hypnotherapist on my ipod or I would never have got back to sleep!I have been an absolute cow all day! I teach at an elementary school and the teachers are finding out which grade they will teach next year. My coll...

IVF #1

May 11th tomorrow is CD1 (I think) Called the clinic.May 12th didin't hear back from clinic called again!May 13th today is the "real" CD1 Called clinic twice moreMay 15th Day 3 ultrasound and blood work, started Marvelon BCPJune 3rd start suprefact injectionsJune 7th last marvelon!June 10th CD 1June 12th CD 3 -BW/US- Its all go!June 16th CD 7- BW/US- 3 follies on left, 1 on right all over 1mmJune 19th BW/US- 17 follies over 1mmJune 20th BW/US- more follies on the grow Last Suprefact/PuregonJune 21st BW/US- TriggerJune 23rd - ER 15 eggsJune 24th- 4 eggs donated, 6 eggs fertilisedJune 25th- still got all 6 embies, go guys!!!June 26th- 6 embies, 5 - 8 cell tough guys and 1 tiny tim...we're going to blast!June 27th- 6 embies still growing.June 28th- transfered 1 big guy and the one in second place. 1 left for freezing. Grow embies!!!<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->

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