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The Mood Shifts

Posted by Victoria , 16 May 2017 · 2003 views

So I had been in a mellow mood since the transfer. I visited Angel earlier, after 6:00 p.m. and handed her a 3-pack home pregnancy test kit. I wanted to see what the result would be tonight as she's getting her blood drawn tomorrow.
I felt that by now the hpts should be correct. But my mood shifted from optimistic to any word that was the opposite. Angel's mood has shifted, too, from happy to sad.
She did the home pregnancy test and got a negative result. She sent me a sad face with tears, and instead of encouraging her, I responded with a "No" and a praying hand. Then she sent another text saying, "God, why am I so sad?"
This time, I was a little more encouraging and sent a note saying, "Let it dry and see if a line will come."
I knew another line would not come tonight, but I wanted to stay positive for her and for me.
I sent Angel another note that read, "It' will happen tomorrow."
She responded saying, "I will be," she inserted a praying hand. Then she added, "tonight."
I know tonight I'll dream about something horrible. That's how my mind works when I'm worried.   

Thinking good thoughts for you and wishing for the best of outcomes!

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Always, Mouse.

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