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Compromise Reached with a Condition

Posted by Victoria , 01 May 2017 · 1129 views


After gathering boxes, clothes, and telling friends that my fairytale marriage was on the brink of shattering like glass hitting concrete, something happened. I sat with my partner again for the too-many-times-to-count-talk, and told him how much I was still in love with him but how much we had to separate. He held my hand and said he would do it. He said he didn't like to see my pain. My pain of not having my dream, the primal instinct, realized. He wanted me to be happy and he didn't want our marriage to end. 
It was still hard to believe and doubts crept in my mind. I kept thinking he would change his mind again. But he did something that convinced me his promise was no longer just meaningless words. He called family members and told them to expect a grandchild, a niece or a nephew. But, of course, the compromise did not come without a condition. He did not want twins. He wanted one child. No more.
For me, one was better than leaving the marriage and starting over again. After he said yes, I tried not to inundate him with "baby this" or "baby that." I said only what I needed to say because I did not want to scare him back into "no baby at all."
I called Angel and she was more than ready to allow us to fly on her wings. Her period was delayed but it came again. She received her meds. I thanked God for placing her in my life. And I thanked God for my partner's change of heart and mind.  

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Fingers crossed for a smooth clear path for you!

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Thanks, mouse.

That is so wonderful. I am so happy for your words, and that you two are coming together to a place where you can keep proceeding together. The best of luck with this. I hope you have an announcement for your families soon.

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amazing grace
May 11 2017 02:01 PM


I have been thinking about you. So happy that things are finally going in the right direction. Thankful your marriage is mending. Keep in touch, xoxoox

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