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Sometimes When You Let Go Miracles Happen

Posted by Victoria , 03 September 2019 · 1719 views

Since I got the call, Ive been asking these questions over and over:
Is this for real?
Are you sure?
Are you tricking me?
Is this what you really want to do?


The answer is always, Yes.
I think, for the first time since I started my quest to have another child, I was in the first first stage of letting go, giving up, accepting defeat.


Though painful at first, I told myself that if I couldnt have my own, I could still be a mother in a different way. I became godmother of a newborn girl this year and I started giving things and spending more time with my sisters children and grand children.


My young niece spent the summer with me. The experience was so beautiful, I promised to do it again next year. She reminded me of the daughter I never had and I thought that she didnt have to live with me for me to love her as my own.


After my niece left, we continued our conversations on the phone and I liked every bit of it. I was no longer miserable and jealous that other children were not my own. I was in that place acceptance for what I could not control or change.


Then, Friday, August 30, 2019, my phone rang. And, in a nutshell, I was offered the opportunity to adopt a newborn (currently 5 weeks).


Really, is this for real? Im thinking that maybe because I was letting go, I was giving the universe the opportunity to work with me. Maybe. And I know in cases like this, many things can go wrong. In the meantime, though, Ill think of all the things that can go right. Im flying on another Angels wings.

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So happy to read of your good news on all fronts.  Enjoy the blessings - whatever they are and however they come!

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Thanks, Mouse. I'm trying to find the edit option to say that the baby is 5 weeks in the womb, not 5 weeks old. Can't edit. Thank you for always being there.
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