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Flying On An Angel's Wings


Lose, Lose Situation

Posted by Victoria , 08 February 2017 · 1628 views

I read the recent responses from amp77 and want2babies and I was mortified by my reaction. I thought my tears were gone. I thought I was a stone to all that was happening on my journey to enlist the help of a surrogate I call Angel. But I cried. The pain to complete this journey grew stronger. The possibility of losing the partner I love to trade wit...


Another Twist, "It's a Sign From God"

Posted by Victoria , 01 February 2017 · 1276 views

They find it -- my partner's lab work. It was not put in the database, thus the confusion. Everything comes back normal, and we (Angel and I) are ready to sail into my world of baby dreams. But, based on my journey to ascend to the top of my baby mountain climb, Angel's upcoming cycle will not render a transfer start dat...

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