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Flying On An Angel's Wings


Hurdle No More

Posted by Victoria , 13 December 2016 · 694 views
IVF Journey Phew! My partner makes me scared because he's transformed into a ready-to-be father. Is this for real? Someone must have prayed a good prayer. It wasn't me. I was too sad. I couldn't pray.
He is no more reluctant ab...


"Get Her Booked."

Posted by Victoria , 08 December 2016 · 889 views

I get someone to help me sort our my clothes, tidy my closet and separate my winter and summer clothes. I have to leave. I'm packing a hand luggage. I will not tell my partner and I don't want him to know my intention. He'll ask me to stay. But I cannot spend Christmas grieving. I need a long time to think before I reach my destination. I w...

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