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I Didn't Plan to Blog about Counselling Sessions

Posted by Victoria , 28 November 2016 · 710 views
We are seeing a counselor. I listen to my partner's fears and concerns and he listens to my anticipated joy of having a child. He talks about the business, more travelling and more alone-time with me. I talk about growing my role in the business, travelling with the baby, and more time with the future extended family.
We have differe...


It's All Downhill

Posted by Victoria , 14 November 2016 · 1264 views

We rarely talk any more. I say what I have to say. He pretends that all is OK. I want him to know I hurt, that I cannot get over what he said. He wants me to accept his decision.
I know the marriage is over if he doesn't change his mind. He made a promise to me and I believed him and that was one reason we got married. He said he would "do it...



Posted by Victoria , 13 November 2016 · 866 views

Everything seemed to be going well. Angel had just completed her blood/lab work, and was in the process of getting her sonohysterogram. We were both excited. And for a person I had known only four months, we had forged a beautiful friendship and work relationship. We called each other each night and we joked about the surrogate journey we were on.

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