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Still Stuck in the Land of the Fertiles (DD mentioned)

Posted by Heather S , 14 September 2011 · 1018 views

I met a group of women in a local "new mom" type of support group when DD was an infant.  Over the past year, I've hung out with these women at least once a week.  We've helped each other, socialized, watched our babes grow, crawl, walk.  All of them have conceived naturally, except for my DD.  I have been very open with them about our inf...


The end of breastfeeding

Posted by Heather S , 19 March 2011 · 1066 views

Today was the last day for breast feeding DD.  She turns 8 months old on Monday and we have chosen to stop BFing now in order to TTC again starting soon.  I can't believe how emotional BFing has been.   I wasn't even sure I'd be able to BF to begin with as I'd had a reduction when I was 22 yrs old.  At the time the surgeon warned me of the...


Monster-In-Law: Update

Posted by Heather S , 18 May 2010 · 1035 views

DH called his mother on Sunday, just like we'd discussed.   I stayed out of the room and kept myself at the other end of the house while he was on the phone.  I wanted to give him space to deal with the whole-month-of-July visiting issue.  He rarely talks to his mom on the phone - maybe 3-4x/year and even then it is strained - though I think she's...


Monster in Law

Posted by Heather S , 14 May 2010 · 1250 views

Almost as soon as my MIL found out I was pregnant and that I was due July 17, she has said she is coming with her new BF to park their trailer and stay for the whole month of July.  OMG NO!  Iíve tried talking to her several times, gently requesting / suggesting that perhaps the end of August would be better for her to come visit.  That will give us t...


Gender complaints

Posted by Heather S , 25 February 2010 · 1264 views

What would you do?One of the ladies I manage at work is also pregnant, though she is 8 weeks further along than I am.  She is one of the fortunate ones that has been able to get pregnant without even trying.  This is her second child.Approximately 4 weeks ago she found out she is having another boy.  Everyone is so excited for her but all she does is comp...



Posted by Heather S , 11 January 2010 · 803 views

Last week was strange for me.  I made it to 12w4d in this new pregnancy.  That was the exact day that our miscarriage was identified in the last pregnancy.  I knew I would be affected but didnít realize just how emotional I would be.  All day on Tuesday I was moody, irrational, teary.  Ok so maybe some of that is hormones, but Iím sure a lot of that was g...


First OB appt at 10w4d

Posted by Heather S , 24 December 2009 · 787 views

I met my OB for the first time this week.  She is a very petite woman with frazzled looking hair.  Comes across as a little abrupt and I could see how she could put some people off.  But I like her.  She is fast paced and you have to keep up with her.  She is also straight to the point, no messing around.  That, I really like.She advised me of a few conce...


a little woohoo?

Posted by Heather S , 30 November 2009 · 1251 views

we had our viability u/s today.  The RE comes into the office and as we're getting everything ready to see what, if anything is actually happening, I asked him what he thought of all of the beta results.  He said he honestly really didn't know what to think and to be prepared for anything.  He mentioned the possibility of ectopic and that perhaps...


Results have me shaking

Posted by Heather S , 17 November 2009 · 1359 views

beta #4 = 1424.How is that even possible?  My beta only 5 days ago was 151.  If I was doubling every 48 hours I would be around 750, but 1424????DH said he wants to take me out for dinner tonight, steak & cheesecake! LMAO!I'm still shaking in disbelief.I wanted to sincerely thank everyone on here for their kind words, and for standing besi...


2ww extended into hell

Posted by Heather S , 17 November 2009 · 1104 views

Its been awhile since I've blogged and today I'm just overcome with emotion so I have to get this out.I had my FET on October 29th.  Beta #1 was done on November 7th and came back at 55.  While low, the nurse said this was a good number.  Beta #2 was done 2 days later and was only 84.  The nurse advised this was likely a chemical pregnancy but I s...

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